Sunday, May 18, 2014

30-day Book Challenge: DAY EIGHTEEN

"A Book That Disappointed You"

Day Eighteen. Wow, I'm almost through! 

Anyway, for today's challenge which is A Book That Disappointed You, at first I thought that I don't really have anything but then after some quick rethinking, I realized that I was actually didn't get fulfilled by a certain book.

And that is...

Rainbow Rowell's Attachments!

(Read my Attachments review HERE!)

I believe the main reason why I felt disappointed with this is because of my high expectations. A friend of mine told me that she enjoyed Attachments than Eleanor & Park and since I simply loved E&P, I thought that I'll feel that same way with Attachments. Guess I was wrong.

Another thing that contributed to my lack of satisfaction is also my high expectations on Rainbow Rowell. Attachments is the last book I've read on all her three novels and I could say that I liked the other two.

It's not really THAT bad but I can say that it could use some improvements. Miss Rowell did actually improve. Attachments is her debut novel and I can say that she really did become better when she wrote Fangirl (Read my review HERE!) and Eleanor & Park (Read my review HERE!)!

How about you guys? Any book that left you feeling 'meh'? 

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