Wednesday, May 7, 2014

30-day Book Challenge: DAY SEVEN

"A Book That Makes You Laugh"

Turning the tide around from yesterday's challenge, today I have to choose a book that MAKES ME LAUGH. We all know that almost all (if not all) books have atleast one scene that's hilarious. 

So for today, I decided on something that is not-so-mainstream and a book that made me LOL several times. That is:

Claire Betita De Guzman's Girl Meets World! :)

Ahh yes, another book published by Summit Media (you guys should check it out. They're too awesome!)

Anyway, Girl Meets World definitely got me laughing several times. Though the 'thing' that should be learned from this read has been perfectly expressed, it was told to the readers in a very fun way!

It's not totally a comedy book but the characters are quirky and relatable plus the storyline's cute so I think most of you would enjoy it :)

How about you guys? Any books that actually made you ROFL? :) Care to share? :) I'd love to hear from you people! 

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