Thursday, May 29, 2014

30-day Book Challenge: DAY TWENTY-NINE

"A Book Everyone Hated But You Liked"

Hate. Strong strong word. 

Well, being a self-admitted deviant (mostly when it comes to books) I have a lot of books that I actually enjoyed but is actually down on ratings. On the otherhand, there are also lots of books that everyone adored while I simply placed it on the bottom of my favorites.

So for today's challenge, I guess I'll be choosing...

Lauren Kate's Fallen Novels! :)

Instead of a single standalone book, I picked a series that I think is getting a lot of negative comments.

I admit that at first, I was hesitant to read this because of all the not-so-good feedbacks that it has been receiving. I don't think I've seen a positive review on this one (please let me know if you have stumbled upon one. I'd like to see it, really.)

Still, maybe it's the covers or maybe it's because I thought I should see for myself whether it's as bad as others are saying that I gave it a shot and after going through all of it, plus its companion book, I could say that it's not rock-bottom bad. 

Yes it isn't the best among the rest but I certainly believe that it doesn't deserve all the hate comments. Oh well, I'm naturally deviant when it comes to these things so maybe it's just something I enjoyed while it lasted though I won't really recommend it for people who has short patience. 

You can read my review of the series HERE!

Thoughts? :)

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Thoughts? :)