Saturday, May 10, 2014

30-day Book Challenge: DAY TEN

"A Book That Reminds You Of Home"

Checkpoint! Tenth day of this month's worth of challenge :) For today, I have to choose something that reminds me of "home" which I find a bit difficult because BOOKS in its own reminds me of home. 

Anyway, I might be twisting the challenge around since I don't exactly have a single book but instead, I'm choosing a series that reminds me of home and it is:

Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley Series! :)

This certain series reminds me of home because it's the first ever series that I have read. That's not all though, it was my cousin (Hi Cuz! *waves*) who first introduced Sweet Valley to me. In fact, she is the one who got me into reading!

Sweet Valley reminds me of home too since this series was my cousin and I's bonding thing. It was actually my whole childhood (It's probably the reason why I never really got enough sunlight as a kid since I prefer staying indoors with these instead of playing outside)

It isn't much but it does feel like home :)

How about you guys? What book/series makes you feel at home? And have you read these too? :)

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