Tuesday, May 20, 2014

30-day Book Challenge: DAY TWENTY

"Favorite Romance Book"

Another Checkpoint! Day Twenty :D

Today's challenge is pretty tricky: Favorite Romance Book. Since most books I read is 'romance', it's hard to pick a favorite but after some thinking, I decided on something that hasn't made the challenge list yet AND would not be making the list if not now.

So, I'd be picking...

Kristel Villar's Blast From Two Pasts! :)

I have read quite a lot of this type of books that are by filipino/a authors and most of them turned out to be my favorites that's why it's hard to pick haha!

Anyway, I chose Blast From Two Pasts (Read my review HERE!) because, well, reasons. It's a very fun read which I finished in just a few hours. You guys should just probably read my review if you want to know more on why this book is worth the read and why I chose it for today's challenge :)

I can't really explain more so I'm leaving you peepz with this: READ THIS ONE and then tell me what you think! <3

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