Sunday, August 3, 2014

(UN)BREAKABLE [Book Tour Stop]: Excerpt + Giveaway :)

"Will she make the right choice?"

TITLE: (un)breakable (Gezellig#2)
AUTHOR/s: Kesh Tanglao
PUBLICATION DATE: 15th of July, 2014
GENRE: Contemporary romance/Chick-lit
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon | Smashwords 

Hi everyone! I am sorry for being MIA for this past few weeks. I never knew college would be THIS stressful! Anyway, I'll try to make it up with you by this blog tour stop :)

I am supposed to have a review posted but because of some reasons, I can't...yet. Do not fret though, for I am sharing with you guys one of my favorite scenes in Kesh Tanglao's sequel to The Real Score, Gezellig#2: (un)breakable! Enjoy!

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Monday, July 14, 2014

TMI Tag! (Blogger Edition)

Hi everyone! 

So, Kyla of Book Buddies PH had tagged me on her very own TMI Tag (Blogger Edition) [squeee! Thanks Kyla!] I learned that the tag went viral on Youtube last year so she decided to create one of her own, blogger edition.

The rules are easy: You just answer the following questions that would allow others to learn more about you and then pass it on to others. You have your own choice to do as much of the 50 questions as you wish (or less if you want) With those stuff said, here's mine. Enjoy! :)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

THE REAL SCORE [Book tour stop]: A Review + Giveaway :)

"Are they friends or are they something more?"

(Spoiler free! Read on!)
TITLE: The Real Score (Gezellig#1)
AUTHOR/s: Kesh Tanglao
PUBLICATION DATE: 28th of August, 2013
GENRE: Contemporary romance/Chick-lit
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon | SmashwordsKobo | Barnes & Noble
Hey everyone! I'm joining my first ever blog tour and I'm really glad that it's one of a co-filipina's work. I am so excited! Hop in :)

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