Sunday, October 7, 2018

Backstage Pass #2 - Tara Frejas {Title/Cover Reveal}

Okay, flash confession time:
(1) I haven't done this in forever (IKR?!) and I'm so stoked to be doing this again with a #romanceclass title eep!
(2) tbh, I haven't read Scandalized (Backstage Pass #1) yet
(3) *deep breath* ...I'm not into KPOP (pls don't h8 me)

For the record, I already have Book 1 in my kindle way, way back (and I recently got a physical copy of the repackaged ed!) but things happened and my TBR isn't exactly linear got pushed back by other reads huhu but now, I am so ready to hop in before the launch of the second installment of the Backstage Pass Series!

While I've mentioned that I'm not much into Korean Pop Music, I thoroughly enjoyed Chinggay Labrador's Popped Trilogy before, and of course, I'm always excited to see more of #romanceclass so I'm really looking forward to finally getting on board with this!

Anywaaaaay, for fans of Fi and the gang in the Scandalized Universe - and for #romanceclass peeps in general - you're in for a treat because book two is finally happening! Check out the official title AND cover of Tara Frejas' Backstage Pass#2 below!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Bookish Babble [4] - Goodbye, July! (Monthly Recap)

July Monthly Recap!
(Reads, hauls, and other shenanigans)


We're halfway through 2018 (YAHOO!) and who says you can't make a big change mid-year?

I guess the biggest change I got is that I finally get to do this kind of stuff. I never thought I’d actually last around to share something recap-worthy (I know I'm a few days late but gimme a break!) These past months that I've been on hiatus, I've experienced lots of milestones - both in real life and in the bookish sense. I finally graduated (yay!) and actually got a job (double yay?) So yes, I'm legitimately adulting and that's the best excuse I can give for being inactive *ugly cries*

Anyway, adulting definitely has its perks. I've expanded the places I can go to (I still have no sense of direction whatsoever though), and I finally get to participate in so many bookish activities that I've only been seeing through my feeds before such as book signings and events! Ya girl finally went to MIBF and attended her first ever International author signing (waves to Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian

Also, because earning my own moolah now, I can HOARD ALL I WANT MWAHAHAHA! Well, actually not as much as I want to (because fresh grad job huhu) but still! Way more significant that the little ones I've been getting before - but I got to participate in nationwide sales and book bazaars such as the Big Bad Wolf and the NBS Book Binge Bazaar so yay!

Anyway, I know it was supposed to be a July recap - not a recap of whatever happened these past months but hey! It's my first time doing this! I'm just so glad to feel like I'm actually ~part~ of the community now. Wow I feel so legit???

Anyway, here's a quick run through of my July adventures. Roll!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Bookish Babble [3] - Bookworms Unite PH Year 4 Recap + Giveaway!

Year 4 Recap!


I know I’ve been MIA in the blogging sphere recently but attending my very first #BookwormsUnitePH is definitely something worth talking and sharing about. Plus, maybe this can serve as a springboard for my comeback? :)

Anyway, for anyone who follow me on twitter, you'll know I’ve been wanting to attend BU since its very first year but things haven’t been in my favor and stuff kept coming up that I had to tell myself “next year, for sure” 

2 years ago when I still CAN'T make it to Bookworms Unite PH 3 :(

FINALLY, after years of waiting, the stars have aligned and I am officially going to BU Year 4! You know I’m very excited that I signed up the very moment the preregistration opened and ended up being the first one to register haha! 

See that 001 right there? That's how excited I was!

So for all who’ve missed out on this year (who wants to experience the fun even through secondhand feels) and to those who attended (who wants to relive the day!) Sit back, relax, and brace yourself for incoming fangirling feels as I attempt to get myself together for this recap!

*Please bear with the long post, I waited 4 years for this! Plus, the event was really packed with so many things you just gotta know!

Friday, April 28, 2017

BREAK-UP ANNIVERSARY - Dawn Lanuza {Filipino Friday Review}

#FilipinoFriday [10]
Break-Up Anniversary
- Dawn Lanuza

TITLEBreak-Up Anniversary
AUTHOR/s: Dawn Lanuza
PUBLICATION DATE8th of April, 2016

*this is actually a late-post. I've written this review a day before we came back from the Holy Week break but I was easily swept in with class activities and I never really got the chance to post it in between tours and reviews. But here it is now! :) *

April 18, 2017

So last day of the Holy Week break and I did not do anything quite productive over the vacation. What I did though, is to make my heart so happy before returning back to reality which I can already foresee as something full of stress – last two weeks of undergraduate school yaaas! 

How did I make my heart happy, you ask? Well I got caught up with my series (iZOMBiE’s back, you guys! And I finally got to see the Supergirl x The Flash episodes I’ve missed, aaaand finally went through Netflix's 13 Reasons Why. I’ll get back to you on that one though, still reeling from it) Also, got to catch up with a couple of reads (yay!)

Anyway, instead of readying my stuff for the coming week, I lie in bed procrastinating and scrolling through my files (do not do this kids. Procrastinating is not good for you) As I go through some of my books, I saw Dawn Lanuza’s Break-Up Anniversary sitting there, waiting to be read. I remember getting a copy of it through instafreebie (yay thanks Miss Dawn) and getting quite excited because the plot was actually intriguing but I never really quite got into it.

A while ago, though, I impulsively opened it and read the first few pages. Before I knew it, I’m through! It was actually a very short read but a good one, I can say! Should’ve read it sooner lol Here are some of my thoughts!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Promdi Heart - #romanceclass authors {Filipino Friday Review}

#FilipinoFriday [9]
Promdi Heart
- #romanceclass authors

TITLEPromdi Heart (Hometown Love Stories)
AUTHOR/s: Georgette S. Gonzales, Agay Llanera, 
Chris Mariano, C.P. Santi, Jay E. Tria, Ines Bautista-Yao
PUBLICATION DATE: 29th of March, 2017

Back at it again with the anthologies! When I first heard about Promdi Heart and the fact that a tour is opening up, I excitedly registered. That witty title hooked me (Promdi Heart = From the heart? Gettit? LOL!) and that pretty cover reeled me in more - because, why not? Just look at all those cutesy postcards and typography and that pastel-y color palette! *hearts*

But what really made me stick is the line up of authors contributing! So excited to read new content from my favorite authors and to meet new ones too! I was pretty sure I'd love them - and I did!

So excited to share my reading experience AND to encourage you to get your own copy! Details below :)