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"I'm here now. What great words to hear." -Cara

(Spoiler free! Go read!)
TITLE: Blast From Two Pasts
AUTHOR/s: Kristel S. Villar
PUBLICATION DATE: 1st of April, 2014
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon | Smashwords
So a few days ago (probably some time last week if I'm not mistaken), I've managed to get a hold of this book thanks to Smashwords! :) I've planned to do a review instantly but other things kept me busy so it has to be postponed for some time.

Anyway, after clearing some things off my to-do, I can finally share my thoughts on this with you guys. Yay! So let's get started :)
Cara Nicolas' life is thrown into a ruckus after reluctantly agreeing to go to a blind date set up by her best friend. With the busy preparations for an upcoming wedding to fill up her plate, Cara has to deal with two guys from her past inching their way back to her present: The first love from high school, Lucas Lobregat; and the not-so-ex-boyfriend Oliver Sta. Maria

Ever since I read my first chick-lit novella, I knew I was hooked so several years later, here I am looking forward to this kind of reads.

I'm glad to say that Blast From Two Pasts did not disappoint. It has everything I loved from the genre. From its quirky plot to its oh-so-adorable characters who you couldn't help but like, it's the type that you just cannot put down after getting started on it.

I loved the back-story of 'Basti' and Cara! It's too cute :3 Right from the very beginning I'm Team *toooot not saying toooot* all the way though I actually waited to be swayed on the other side haha :) 

I've predicted some of the scenes but most turned out different than what I expected. They were even better than what I initially thought! And the conclusion was very satisfying for me :)

Overall, I can say that I really enjoyed it. I'd love to point out how beautiful the cover is! The ending was perf and the events leading there were absolutely wonderful. It actually made me smile several times while reading. It's the type of story that I wouldn't mind reading over and over again. In fact, it already made its way up my favorite reads :)

With all that said, I'd give Kristel S. Villar's Blast From Two Pasts a 5/5 rating. Go read it too! ^_^

5/5 rating :)

PS: Find Miss Villar on twitter at @tellytabachoy and drop by on her wattpad account for more of her stories HERE! :)

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