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"Remember. Survive. Run."

(Spoilers ahead! Proceed with caution!)
James Dashner's The Maze Runner Trilogy

A few weeks back, I was really excited to start on this since it's been on my to-read pile for so long and just a couple of days ago, I finally finished all three. Yay!

I'm sure lots of people (especially those who really know how much I'm into books) is aware of the fact that I love dystopia hahaha :) That's why The Maze Runner Trilogy had me completely!

Let's start then! I'm excited to share some thoughts on these :D
*This review is peppered with spoilers. I highly recommend NOT reading it if you do not want to be spoiled :)

Thrown into a maze without any memory of your life only to find out that everything is part of a big test. Then, just when you thought it was all over, everything just starts again. Is it all worth it? Does the end justify the means?

Should sacrifices be made for the sake of saving the human race?

TITLE: The Maze Runner (Maze Runner#1)

AUTHOR/s: James Dashner
PUBLICATION DATE: 6th of October, 2009
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon | The Book Depository

At first, I will admit, it didn't really got me hooked. I was going through it wondering when it will all end or if anything good would come up. It was slow and boring for me. Eventually, something did but it came halfway through the book. I only found myself excited when Teresa arrived haha :)

Anyway, as I near the end, I seriously got overwhelmed by FEELS </3 (SPOILER) Of all the lives taken, Chuck's death killed my fictional heart :'( (END OF SPOILER) I actually teared up a bit.

I would also like to point out how COOL the characters are. Minho and Newt instantly became my faves! The Glader vocabulary words were hard to grasp at first but as I go on, it became easily understandable :)

I give the first book a 3/5 rating :)
3/5 Rating :)

TITLE: The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner#2)
AUTHOR/s: James Dashner
PUBLICATION DATE: 12th of October, 2010

AVAILABLE AT: Amazon | The Book Depository

After the first one, I excitedly read the next in line. I could say that The Scorch Trials drove me crazy. It was layers over layers over layers. Not everything is what it seems. It actually kinda reminded me of The Divergent Trilogy with all the 'betrayals' going on. Plus, the new characters were a great addition! 

Another thing to point out is the Cranks. I couldn't help but think of zombies which makes the ride exponentially more fun! (SPOILER) Thomas and Brenda's trip and crank encounter on The Underneath reminds me of The Mummy. (END OF SPOILER) As I reach the end I couldn't help but feel like everything's starting over again for the 3rd time.

This second installment get a perfect 5/5 rating :)
5/5 rating :)

TITLE: The Death Cure (Maze Runner#3)
AUTHOR/s: James Dashner
PUBLICATION DATE: 11th of October, 2011

AVAILABLE AT: Amazon | The Book Depository

The conclusion of it all. It remained awesome though I've been more critical on this one since it's the finale. There are lots (and trust me when I say LOTS) of questions unanswered. Still, I enjoyed it a lot as I go. 

There were more of the zombies-err cranks and we get to know more about WICKED and their plans. A character will make a re-appearance ;) won't say who.

Minho was still as cool as ever and then here's Newt (SPOILER) who killed my fictional heart all over again. I thought the thing with Chuck on the first book was just it but I'm proven wrong. Newt's transformation and -eventually- death was really ughhhh. I can't even </3 it was so heartbreaking that I actually needed a few minutes of break from reading to gather myself up. It seriously made me tear up (and not a lot had did that to me) Thomas and Newt was just really woah. If that wasn't enough, there were more deaths that are just "SERIOUSLY?!"- worthy (won't elaborate though). (END OF SPOILER)

I'm lukewarm about the ending. I liked it but somewhat I don't. Just like how I felt between the whole Teresa-Thomas-Brenda thing. As said above, tons of questions remained unanswered and it was sorta open-ended.

Giving the finale a 4.5/5 rating :)

4.5/5 rating :)

Overall, I can say that the ride was amazing even though the destination wasn't great (but good enough). Some characters were underdeveloped though and the protagonist, Thomas, is in the border between heroic/selfless and just plain idiotic. (SPOILER) I honestly wanted him to get his memory back, force or no force. (END OF SPOILER)

The Maze Runner Trilogy is worth the read and I do recommend it and I will certainly be watching its movie adaptation. The casting is PERF especially Dylan o'Brien! Watch the dashing trailer HERE!

Final Series Rating:

4/5 rating :)

I'm not yet ready to leave The Maze Runner world so I'll be starting on its companion books! Gonna be updating soon! Ciao :)

UPDATE! Finished reading the companion books :) View my review HERE!

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