Wednesday, May 28, 2014

30-day Book Challenge: DAY TWENTY-EIGHT

"Favorite Title Of A Book"

Aside from an eye-catching cover and a well-written blurb, what else would make a book enticing for readers? The title of course! As a writer too, I admit that coming up with a remarkable title is one tough job because you have to summarize your whole story in a few words plus, it has to be catchy too and something that the readers would easily remember.

Anyway, for today's challenge of favorite book title, I'll go with:

Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl! :)

Ahhh what a perfect word to describe every girl in a fandom (AKA what a perfect word to describe ME) 

From Attachments, Fangirl, and Eleanor & Park, I believe that Rainbow Rowell is one great title-machine. I find all her titles suiting for the stories and it's easy to remember! 

I have read several interesting book titles that I considered for today but eventually I ended up with this one.

I guess it is because of how much I wanted to read the book simply because of it's title. Usually, I read reviews of a novel first before reading it for myself but that didn't happen with Fangirl. Just one look at the title and I know I'll be reading it (Plus, it's Rainbow Rowell's!)

Anyway, I'm still glad I've read it! It didn't come up to my expectations but it was still good. Read my Fangirl review HERE!

How about you guys? Any good titles out there? :)

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