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Fangirling on FANGIRL: A Review

"I'm rooting for you."

(Spoilers! Proceed with caution)
TITLE: Fangirl
AUTHOR/s: Rainbow Rowell
PUBLICATION DATE: 10th of September, 2013
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon | The Book Depository
After Reading Eleanor & Park (Go read my review!), I've eagerly got a hold of Rowell's other books namely Fangirl and Attachments. Seeing the former as something that is more interesting, I plunged in head on to the world of Fangirl.

Being a self proclaimed Fangirl, the title was really catchy. Also, based on some reviews I've read, it showed how the fandom functions, describes attributes of fangirls/fanboys etc. But aside from that, it's also a coming-of-age story. 

Enough of these yada yada's and on with the review! :)

For Cather Avery (AKA Cath), being a Simon Snow fan is EVERYTHING. She grew up with the series along with her twin sister Wren. They wrote fanfictions, went through the movie premieres on full costumes, got the books, had posters all over their room. Simply stated: Typical Fangirls.

But when she and Wren had to go to college, Cath's twin slowly drifted away from the fandom and into the world of parties, boys, and alcohol leaving Cath on her own. 

Can she finally get out of her comfort zone and  face the real world even if it means giving up Simon Snow?

Fangirl is definitely a great coming-of-age story; a novel explaining how HARD College is. There's the fear of being left out, meeting new people who might or might not like you, papers and deadlines. Reading this on the summer after my college freshman year, it was refreshing to know that all the jitters I've felt before were completely normal. haha :)

However, when it comes to the other aspect, which is Fandom and Fangirls, I haven't really felt it. The parts from Simon Snow were irrelevant to the chapters and I just couldn't help but imagine Draco and Harry in Baz and Simon. I have nothing against gay things (I have gay friends and they're totes fun!) It's just not my thing when it comes to lit.

On another good point, Rowell did another good job on her portrayal of characters. In Fangirl, I found that if the characters (or most of them anyway) had something in common, it's the way they have made me feel. At some point or another, I hated them. (Hate?big word! haha!) So maybe not hate but somewhat annoyed.
Cath Avery
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I'ma start with Cath. She's a typical fangirl, yes yes, but as someone who's into fandoms and fanfictions too, I just couldn't see myself in her. I can definitely sort out my priorities and I care for REAL LIFE. I guess you could say I'm a mix of Cath and Wren.

Speaking of Wren, I was definitely annoyed at her at the beginning. I mean, it's freaking COLLEGE and you're just gonna let your twin go through it alone? Yes meeting new people, Yes expanding horizons yada yada but still, I don't blame Cath for feeling hurt and left out by her own sister. Though, at the latter parts, I'm glad that Wren had redeemed herself and proved that she's still a caring sister after all.

Then there's Nick. Oh the lit loving dude. I was HONESTLY rooting for him at the start. His writing sesh with Cath was definitely a sweet dream. Until it turned into a nightmare. Nick actually reminded me of Prince Hans of the Disney film Frozen. He's the type you'd definitely like but then you'd discover he has this completely different intention and to make it worse, you didn't even see it comingBOO! I hated him for what he did. (won't state it here anymore). I started to feel cold for him when he refused (well not exactly refused, but he didn't offer!) to walk Cath to her dorm. I mean, it's almost freaking midnight and you're gonna let a girl walk all by herself in the dark? Luckily Levi was always there.

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And here comes Levi. *awwww* His first few meetings with Cath wasn't that nice but it wasn't that bad either. I also hated him for what he had done at the party (not saying!). I felt what Cath felt at that time too. Just when things seem to be better. Just when Cath (and the readers, definitely) are starting to FEEL for him. Then he screws it all up :( But still, in the end I guess I liked what happened. Just like Wren, Levi redeemed himself too and he's just the type of guy you can't stay mad at! Constantly smiling, friendly and laid back. DEFINITELY ROOTING for him from the moment "Levi left as soon as the phone rang" -Reagan. I just KNEW there's something in here, even though he and Reagan were sort of together. Plus, Cath and Levi are just so..cute haha :) [AND!! I believe he ships Penelope and Simon, which I think is the counterpart of one of my favorite pairings: Hermione and Harry! yay!]

Fangirl's characters!
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Enough with my blabbing about how lovely all these characters are and I'll just proceed with this. Fangirl was definitely GREAT! Though E&P was better, I guess. The primary reason why I didn't fully liked Fangirl is that I think I missed the main point of the story (or a large part of it) The story would do nicely even if Cath wasn't a fangirl. Even if she's just a normal girl going to college. To put it in simple words: I just don't think I've been into the fandom aspect of the story (which I believe "should have been" a big portion of the novel) In fact, the only thing that kept me going is the relationships of Cath (With her father, her mother, her sister, her friends, Levi, etc.) but I wouldn't even take a second glance at her fandom life.

So with all that said, I'd be giving a 4/5 rating for Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl. It would have been a perfect 5 if only the fandom aspect was as interesting as the other parts. Still, I'd recommend it to you guys :)

4/5 rating :)

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