Monday, May 19, 2014

30-day Book Challenge: DAY NINETEEN

"Favorite Book Turned Into A Movie"

Oh, another movie related challenge! And today, I have to choose a Favorite book turned into a movie. As both a book and movie fan, there's nothing more satisfying than a favorite read hitting the big screens. Of course, along with the excitement comes a tinge of nervousness since MOST films just simply don't give justice to the magnificence of books.

But there are some rare instances which the movie seems a very good representation of the text. One of these is...

Gary Ross' movie adaptation of Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games! :)

I have a very rocky relationship with this book. The first time I've read about the title was in a magazine featuring new reads and I wasn't that enticed to read it. Fast forward to years later, I didn't really feel the book after reading it so I decided not to continue with the trilogy. Eventually, the summer of that year, I gave it another shot and who knew that I'd be a big fan after reading its finale Mockingjay? I never thought I'd be but then, I'm glad that I've been converted haha :)

That is why when I first heard about it being turned into a movie, I felt a mixture of emotions. Excitement and at the same time, a bit of nervousness (see blog introduction for reason)

But when I saw the film, WOW. It really was very very good. The casting was perfect (Josh Hutcherson + Jennifer Lawrence + Liam Hemsworth everybody!) and I'm really glad that it remained faithful to the book (not completely but close enough) 

Thoughts anyone? :) Keep the emails and notifications coming! :D

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