Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Trinoma Hang out! :)

Starting on our Bucketlist!

Since it's summer and I haven't really been doing anything aside from hanging around the internet + catching up on my reading and blogging, it's a good time to get started on our buddy bucketlist (it's actually our own bucketlists combined haha)

So, instead of doing something out of my list, which mostly includes EXTREME SPORTS, we decided to start on something small: Mall Hang out! 

Going out but first, let me take a selfie :3
Ultra puyat face due to lack of sleep lol

This "bucketlist thing" started last time during our Bataan Trip (read about it HERE!) My Buddy (Hi Josh! *waves*) and I talked about things we've never done before (or something we do rarely) and eventually, we thought we could do some of those things together (e.g., ziplining, bungee jumping, wall climbing, watching a horror film, eating some yummy crepes, etc.) Then the next day, before going home, he- oops, WE- asked permission from our dear p'rents if we could do it sometime. After some deliberation, they agreed but within certain conditions in which we obliged.

Finally after several weeks of planning (?) and waiting, today's the day. Yay! :)

The day started with lunch at Tokyo Tokyo with Buddy, Josh; his sister, Ate Faie; their cousin, Ate Aynsley; and Buddy and Ate Faie's dad, Tito Froi (Hi everyone!) It was fun and the food was great (even though I don't actually know all the dishes' names) Plus, I was the only one who used spoon and fork since I'm not really a "pro" at using chopsticks hahaha :) Eventually, Josh gave up and joined me :P

After that yummy meal, we bade our goodbyes to Tito Froi who only stopped by to drop the *ehem* "kids". Then the four of us went up to the top floor to go buy some movie tix! I want to pay for my own but Buddy wouldn't let me. Too nice, that guy is :) Always pulling the gentleman card. Pssh :))

Here's miiiineee! :D

Since the movie wouldn't start 'til 2:25 pm, we killed time at Timezone! Buddy got to show off (pssh hahaha!) his B-ball skills. My legs hurt from tiptoeing since I'm not that tall to shoot some hoops hahaha :)

Then we went from one game to another and another and another until it's already time for the movie. Wheeee!

But before heading in to the theater, we grabbed something to keep our tummy's satisfied. Hello Taters! Got a big (like seriously HUGE) bag of BBQ popcorn and a couple of tall drinks. *hint on mine* I love iced tea :) Also wanted to split the bill but AGAIN, no-no to him.

We should have done something on his list which was to watch a horror movie but there isn't one that's showing so we ended up with something else. The film we watched, The Other Woman, was really really funny! You guys should go see it too :) Fair warning though, it's rated PG-13. Another funny (?) thing is that before we went in, a guard actually STOPPED ME and ASKED for my age. Do I look like a ten-year old? Oh well, baby-faced and all, I couldn't really blame him. hahahaha :)

After the movie, since the "Ates" (Older sisters) are on a bathroom break, Buddy and I did something on our bucketlist: Visit a book store. This is because I'm trying to get this guy into reading.

Did I succeed? What do you think? :D

(A quick snapshot of him since he did the same to me. Sorry not Sorry :P)

Moving on, we strolled around for a while before deciding that we were already hungry. Again. And I want some ice cream so we ended up crossing out another thing in our bucketlist: Eat some crepes! 

We ate at his fave place which was Crazy Crepes. Tried to offer to pay again but he's tough as a nail yeah yeah. Everything looks so yummy! It's hard to decide! Though eventually, we got these ~>

For the second time that afternoon, we made way to Timezone because someone has joined the party: Josh's lil brother, Andrew! :)

There we went through the games again. More B-ball and more arcade hahaha :) T'was loads fun! I even got to try driving and gun-shooting (all virtually of course!)

<~ I've never won anything out of this type of game (the grabbing crane thingy) so instead, I took a mirror selfie w/ Buddy!

See that guy over there? Too serious in his drivin' lol hahaha :) ~>

Actually, he really really REALLY wanted to try out the "Kinect-like thingy" which was just behind this spot (Don't deny, Josh. I know you want to ;) ) but he wasn't able to because 1. I won't join him (I don't DANCE okay? haha!) and 2. there's always someone who's using the machine. Oh well, you'll get to try that out someday, Buddy *pats back*

After more arcade games, he got thirsty (Well, if I played several rounds of shooting hoops, I'd get thirsty too!) So we decided to get something to drink. *cues Starbucks

Once satisfied, we dropped by outside since I wanted to check out the rooftop gardens. It was just as beautiful as the last time I went there. Maybe even more stunning :) The place looked even more alive because of the people there. There were groups of friends hanging out, couples enjoying the breeze, a family (I think), and buddies (like us!) just passing time and talking about stuff :) Too bad it was too dark for a photo :(

As the night was coming to an end, mommy arrived to pick me up along with Tito Froi and Tita Aiereen to fetch the others but then they decided to eat dinner before heading home so we proceeded to Man Hann :)

(L) Me, Ate Faie, Ate Aynsley, Andrew
(R) Josh, Tito Froi, Tita Aiereen, and Mommy

The day was definitely well spent even though not everything fell into place (We missed you Ate Mae :( ) Still, it was totes fun and I'm 100+% happy :))

Brought this goodie home too! Aww, sweet :"> Thank you Tito Froi! 

Really blessed to have met these people in my life <3 Thank you for the awesome hang out peepz ^.^ You guys are soooooo nice :3 especially that guy over there, psssshh :)) But seriously, thanks a lot Buddy! :D

(TL) Me! (TR) Me and Buddy
(B) Me, Ate Faie, Ate Aynsley, and Andrew

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