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Not-so Attached on ATTACHMENTS: A Review

"Things get better-hurt less-over time. If you let them."-Lincoln

(Minimal spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution!)
TITLE: Attachments
AUTHOR/s: Rainbow Rowell
PUBLICATION DATE: 14th of April, 2011
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon | The Book Depository
Being a Rainbow Rowell fan ever since Eleanor & Park and Fangirl, I decided to give her debut novel Attachments a shot just like what I've promised myself after reading her two other books.

Finally a few weeks ago, I've finished it and now, here are some of my thoughts on it :)
Another Attachments cover
Lincoln, your not-so-ordinary guy considering he's into school so much and lives with her mother and is still not completely over his first love, gets a not-so-ordinary job: Reading other people's emails.

But what happens when he falls in love with someone after reading an exchange of emails between her and her friend? He knows he should flag them for violating company policies but before he could even do it, he knows he couldn't. 

And how could he even introduce himself to Beth with the knowledge that he has been invading her privacy all along?

Well, the summaries I've read were quite promising and besides, after reading Rowell's other works, I had high expectations on this one. Plus, a friend of mine told me that she enjoyed Attachments better than Eleanor & Park and since I loved E&P, I actually thought I'd love this too.

That's why several pages into the book later, I felt quite disappointed that it didn't come up to my expectations. I enjoyed the exchange of emails between Beth and Jennifer but I didn't really liked Lincoln's character so much. I had a hard time visualizing how he really looks like. This review actually summarizes what I've got to say when it comes to Lincoln's characterization: Click HERE!

Anyway, the idea was cute but then it wasn't really great. I found the sub-stories SPOILER!! (like Jennifer's pregnancy mania, Beth's relationship with Chris and her frustration with her arms, etc.) END OF SPOILER more fascinating than the actual story between Lincoln and Beth. The conclusion was good but the events leading there weren't that great. How they actually *got* together weren't fully developed for me. 

All in all, Attachments is alright but of all three Rowell books I've currently read, I can say that this one's my least favorite. Maybe it's just isn't my cup of tea but as I've said, I believe other people finds it fascinating so I can still say that you guys should check it out :)

Three out of Five rating for Rainbow Rowell's Attachments :)

3/5 rating :)

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