Thursday, May 1, 2014

30-day Book Challenge: DAY ONE

"Best Book You Read Last Year"

It's May! And since I've wanted to do this 30-day challenge for so long (I wonder why I haven't done it before), I'll do it now even though May actually has 31 days :))

So, for the first day, I have to chose the BEST BOOK I'VE READ LAST YEAR. It's pretty tough since there are so many good books I've read during the year 2013. Anyway, here's the choice I've made:

Rick Riordan's The House of Hades! :)

Heroes of Olympus#4: The House of Hades

I've been torn between many books but then, I decided to pick this one because I don't think it would fit into any other category (unlike the others that I've considered)

Being a big fan of this fandom, I eagerly waited for this fourth installment of the series and I was overwhelmed with Feels after reading it. My fangirl heart simply exploded with all the revelations!

So yes, I believe The House of Hades, deserves to be the first book in my challenge :D It's simply one of the best books of my 2013 :) So looking forward for the final one: The Blood of Olympus.

How about you guys? What's the best book you've read last year? :)

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