Sunday, August 3, 2014

(UN)BREAKABLE [Book Tour Stop]: Excerpt + Giveaway :)

"Will she make the right choice?"

TITLE: (un)breakable (Gezellig#2)
AUTHOR/s: Kesh Tanglao
PUBLICATION DATE: 15th of July, 2014
GENRE: Contemporary romance/Chick-lit
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon | Smashwords 

Hi everyone! I am sorry for being MIA for this past few weeks. I never knew college would be THIS stressful! Anyway, I'll try to make it up with you by this blog tour stop :)

I am supposed to have a review posted but because of some reasons, I can't...yet. Do not fret though, for I am sharing with you guys one of my favorite scenes in Kesh Tanglao's sequel to The Real Score, Gezellig#2: (un)breakable! Enjoy!

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