Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bataan Summer Outing! :D

It's summer time again and you know what that means? OUTING! Woohoo! Hello Bataan! :D

[This will probably look like a big photo dump hahaha]


April 18-19, 2014

Starting at Olanda's residence, we all met up together before heading out but not without arming ourselves with a little prayer lead by Tito Froi :) 

After around 2-3 hours of being on the road, we finally reached our destination: Clearwater Beach Resort at Bataan!

The view outside. Isn't it amaziiing? :)

The way to the resort was a bit rough since the roads are narrow but nevertheless, we were willing to take it for the sake of SWIMMING! (well,  for me anyway haha!)

There, we stayed at one of the Family houses that are available in the resort (More info on their website. Check it HERE!) and had our lunch after all our luggage were brought in with the help of the resort staff. It took some time though (and LOTS of EFFORT) since the place were we parked was a bit far from the house and the paths are very steep!

The place was very spacey for all of us. It was well lighted, thanks to the sun which was up and shining, but the ventilation could use some improvement since it was really hot in the kitchen/dining/living rooms (The bedroom was airconditioned though, so no problem on that.) One more thing that's dissatisfying was the poor water supply and some minor electricity boo-boos. All of these were taken care of by the staff by means of transferring us to another settlement later that evening.

Anyway, let's move on to the fun parts!! :D

When we were all settled in our place (the first one), we ate lunch together (nom nom :3) and went outside to soak up the sun!

The kids taking a break from swimming :)
(Da boy, Airelle, Aina, Arianne)

Then there's us, not wanting to swim yet hahaha
Played cards instead :)
(Ate Mae*, Me, Irish, Andrew, Josh, and Ate Faie*)
*not seen in the photo, though


<~ Look at my "sand-manship" ! :) It's penmanship but written in sand. Gettit? No? Okay :( hahaha :)

We saw lots of Jellyfish and starfish too! cutieees! <3 It's my first time to see these creatures actually ~>

Later that night, we stayed outside at a cottage, enjoying the breeze under the stars while playing rounds of Ninja and Concentration :))
Josh, Leila, Ate Faie, Irish, Me, and Ate Mae :)
Then there's KARAOKE! But I didn't sing (again) 'cause I suck at singing hahaha :)

Footprints in the sand
L- his, R- mine
(his feet looks more feminine than mine ugh XD)

Much much later, while most of them are already asleep, I stayed up late outside with my Buddy, Josh (Hi Buddy! *waves*) :) Taught him how to be a Nocturnal like me bwahahaha >:)

Talked and laughed the night away, literally :) From random fun facts about ourselves to scientific things (planets, stars, eyesight, teeth, etc.) to deep philosophy about living our lives to the fullest.Totes fun!

Since we both decided that we won't be sleeping anymore ('cause it's easier to stay up 'til morning than to have only an hour of sleep!), we figured we might as well try to watch the sunrise yip yip! :D

Semi-sunrise 'cause the mountains blocked the full view.
Still, it was BEAUTIFUUUUL~ :3 <3

Look at our no-sleep, eyebag-ged faces! Hi Buddy! :D
[I realized that I've been awake for more than 24 hours already at that time hahaha XD)

Finally, when they were already awake, we had a quick breakfast before hitting the beach one more time. Some of us also went to a nearby cave by a boat.

Here's us on the way to a nearby cave to swim! Wheee :D *


Caught on cam! Oh fine! But still, I look cute even when sleeping :3 And besides, I wasn't the only one who drifted off to dreamland for a few minutes *coughBuddycough*

A cave shot :) *

Then when we returned, we had lunch (nom nom :3) and completely packed up for our next spot :D But not before doing some photo ops! :D

Power Rangers! Whoops, kidding! hahaha! The gents :)
(Tito Neil, Daddy Romme, Tito Raymund, and Tito Froi!)

And the ladies :) BFFs :)
(Mommy Alysse, Tita Irene, Tita Aiereen, and Tita Cora!)
And us kiddies! :D
(L-R: Buddy Josh, Me, Leila, Irish, Ate Faie, Ate Mae, Daboy, Andrew)
(L-R: Airelle, Aina, Nikki, Arianne, MC)

Family photos <3 <3 <3
(UL-Magcamit's, UR-Cuyos', LL-Pagador's, LR-Olanda's)

Took these photos after creating our own Buddy Handshake \m/
(Me, Buddy Josh, and Nikki!)

All 22 of us in one photo yay! :) *

Last shot before leaving the beach (even though the hot sand hurts our feet) *
If you guys are interested in visiting the place to see for yourselves, drop by at their website HERE! (In case you missed it above :) )

Next Stop: Mount Samat!

Since the heat was intense and lack of sleep didn't actually help (#NotComplainingTho #NoRegrets), there's only a bit of photos here on me. The others are with Tito Froi (who already uploaded yay!)

The hike up the cross! AJA! :D *

I could get used to a view like this :) *
Under the gigantic cross! :) *

groupsss :) *

Ate Faie and Ate Mae :) 

Buddy Josh with the kids MC and Arianne :)

Me with Leila :) **

Awesome shot! :D Look at those clouds! So fluffy :))) *

After the hike, it was already time to go home (Awwww :( ). I start to realize that yeah, two days weren't fully enough to bond together but still, it was still satisfying :) A break from Manila once in a while wouldn't hurt :)

So that's all for now! Thank you tito's, tita's, friends, familia :D See you all very soon!! <3 <3 <3

PS: (*) Marked photo credits to Tito Froi :)
PPS: (**) Marked photo credits to Leila :)

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