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THE EX GAMES: A Review :)

"Old flames on fresh snow"

(Spoiler free! Go Read)
TITLE: The Ex Games (The Romantic Comedies)
AUTHOR/s: Jennifer Echols
PUBLICATION DATE: 8th of September, 2009
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon The Book Depository
I'm on my third J. Echols book now and it's another Simon Pulse Romantic Comedy! *squee* Once again, the cover is awesome (as always) and the plot seems really interesting. 

Moving on, here's a review of Jennifer EcholsThe Ex Games! :)

When their best friends, Liz-Davis and Chloe-Gavin, became couples, everyone's eyes are now trained on exes Hayden and Nick, waiting for them to start all over again.

But when the two got into a snowboarding battle of the sexes, dividing up the males and the females, will they be able to settle their banters and make up or will there be an all out war?

Sexism. There's a lot of that going on throughout the story. In fact, the mix-up started because of an uncalled for comment towards femininity. As part of the female gender, I couldn't help but feel slightly annoyed at the boys' immaturity. Gah!

I also didn't like the characters that much. Liz was okay for me and Davis a little bit but the others annoyed me a lot. Talking about Hayden and Nick, their "relationship" annoyed me as well. I'm fine with love-hate pairings which are cute most of the times but I'm out of the circle this time. Nick's insults are uncalled for and really really rude (and not to say offending) while Hayden seriously has temper problems (both of them actually)

If there's one good thing about The Ex Games (aside from the cover) it's the REALNESS of the story. Even though the characters annoyed me infinitely, they felt like actual people. Their actions have basis, not written just for the sake of putting something in. Notable examples are Nick's family sitch and the reason behind Hayden's phobia.

"(...) I was scared to death he would hurt me again." -Hayden

"It was like Nick and I were separated by one of those foot-thick walls (...) We could see each other. We could even long for each other. But even if we both had put our hands up to the glass, we could never have touched." -Hayden

"But if he tries to tell me I'm less of a person because I'm a girl? Or you are? That's where I draw the line." -Liz

"But more than anything, Nick wanted to win. And winning me over wasn't enough." -Hayden

"You're in your comfort zone. As long as everything stays right here, exactly the same, you can handle it. Guess what, Hayden? If you stay right here without even trying anything new, you know where you'll be ten years from now? (...) Right here." -Chloe

"You can make your own luck." -Josh

"The bottom line is, some people are competitors and some people aren't." -Nick

All in all, I can say that it was a notch higher than Biggest Flirts (Review HERE!) but not as good as Major Crush (Review HERE!

Funny thing, all Jennifer Echols' novels that I've read almost got DNF'ed. Maybe her writing isn't just for me or maybe I just haven't found my favorite J. Echols book yet. 2.5/5 rating for her The Ex Games :)

2.5/5 rating :)

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