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HOT LIKE THIS: A Review :)

"Summer hook-ups are meant to be Hot Like This"

(Spoiler free! Go Read!)
TITLE: Hot Like This
AUTHOR/s: Chris Mariano, Chrissie Peria, Miles Tan
PUBLICATION DATE: 21st of June, 2014
So remember my review of a collaboration of some cool filipina authors just a few days ago (Check it out HERE!)? Well, Chris Mariano, Chrissie Peria, and Miles Tan strikes again in this All I Want For Christmas SEQUEL! I seriously fangirled upon learning about this part two of their works and of course, I grabbed my own copy as soon as it was available (Thanks Amazon!) 

Here's a review of Hot Like This! :)

(Via Goodreads)

Self-proclaimed manang Elaine Antonio is restrained, cautious, and used to taking care of people. Gorgeous Brazilian-Japanese model Luis Inoue is laid-back, impulsive, and totally out of her league. But when they're thrown together at the same island resort one summer weekend, things unexpectedly heat up.

Elaine knows that once the vacation is over, they'll be returning to their two very different worlds. Is this destined to be just a summer fling? Or will she finally learn how to take a risk for love?

Just like the first one, Hot Like This' cover is also reaaaally gorgeous! Seriously, just look at it! Before I even knew that it was a sequel, it really did remind me of All I Want For Christmas.

Next, as I learned that it is indeed a second-part of the collaboration (let's just say that Ms. Chrissie Peria might or might not have revealed it when I asked), I became over-excited. I mean, MORE? Yes please!

I actually hoped to see more of Ginny but then later on, upon reading, I learned that it was a sequel but not featuring the same characters. Not the lead anyway BUUUUT a couple of characters are making a come-back AND are getting their fair share of the spotlight. Drumroll please *drumrolls* Elaine and Luis!

I admit that I saw this pairing coming during the first story and even though I was slightly disappointed that it doesn't continue Ginny's story, I'm still glad that I got to see more and learn more about the other characters.

Plot-wise, it was... interesting. Being a self-proclaimed beach girl, I found the setting beautiful. It was well described and I felt like I was there. The pages just flew by as I was absorbed in the story. It was just like what I expected from it.

There are a few events that I wanted to see more of like the things between Dia-Luis-Elaine-Fabricio. More fluffy scenes would also work out but I guess fluff isn't something that the story focuses on. It figures more on romance and hotness. (and maybe a little bit of humor? The Bern-isms are hilarious!)

"They look perfect alright, but trust me, they're just like regular people when the cameras are turned away." -Bern

"You have to keep an eye on what's yours." -Bern

"There was a reason why assumptions were considered a fallacy." -Elaine

"It was the journey that mattered." -Elaine

Overall, it was a good read to occupy me in one of those nocturnal nights of mine. It achieved what it wanted the readers to feel and learn. Though, I could say that I liked All I Want For Christmas better since it's more of my vibe. 

Oh and have I mentioned that I ship Bern/Fabricio? I just get a feeling that a good story might come up behind these two cool characters. Crossing my fingers for a part three of this collab and hopefully, my ship will set sail *wink*

4/5 rating for Chris Mariano, Chrissie Peria, and Miles Tan's Hot Like This! :)

4/5 rating :)

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