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"Our lives are totally different." -Becca

(Spoiler free! Go read!)
TITLE: Royally Lost
AUTHOR/s: Angie Stanton
PUBLICATION DATE: 30th of April, 2014
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon | The Book Depository
Finally! After a loooong time, I got the chance to read Angie Stanton's Royally Lost. Why do I want to read it? Well for starters, it has a very promising plot. A European tour with a runaway prince? TOTALLY! Also, I've read so many not-so positive reviews about it and I want to see for myself if all of what they're saying is true.

So now, here's my own review of Royally Lost :) Note that this will probably be looong.

Becca is forced to go through a family trip in Europe. Sounds fun? Not for her. She's totally miserable. Not until she meets the sweet, funny, and not to say, royal, Nikolai the runaway prince of Mondovia.

For both Becca and Nikolai, their few days together hopping around Europe are the best ones in their lives even though not everything went smoothly. But as Becca's family trip comes to an end, will their summer romance end up as well?

I know I shouldn't get my hopes up on this one because of all the things I've read about it and I guess I'm glad I did. Not because I didn't enjoy it, because I did, but because I liked being surprised.

I'll admit that first, I didn't really like Becca because come on! How can you be miserable IN EUROPE? All she did was whine and moan and simply kill the mood. Still, maybe she just isn't into history. Meanwhile, Prince Nikolai is well, princely. I can't help but notice that he could be pretty naive sometimes. Like he really feels like he's some kind of a fairytale prince charming (not that I'm complaining! It really IS sweet :">) It's just that I don't think anyone in his right mind would jump aboard and overboard a ship, right?

"I can't believe they're leaving us alone in a foreign country." -Becca

"She (...) couldn't help but feel a little jittery that her brother was leaving her alone with a guy neither of them knew very well." 

The quotes above summarizes my biggest problems in this book. The first one is the fact that Dylan and Becca's parents (dad and stepmom) allows them to practically be by themselves in a foreign country. Sure, they are of age and can think for themselves but still! I'm sure my parents wouldn't even let me and my sibs out of their sight if we went out of the country.

Next, Becca goes away, travelling with a guy she just met and her brother even lets her! I'm not against insta-love but this one's super insta. They barely knew each other (They don't even know their last names!) and suddenly they're all over each other. Crazy thing, love is.

Disregarding those issues, I can say that I pretty much enjoyed reading. I'm impressed on how the author really made research on all the history info tidbits found in the book. Also, even the secondary characters were as cool as the leads. Alexi and Dylan are perfect sibs for the main characters and Vicky is just so sweet, turning away from the evil stepmom cliche :D

"'If you worry about the future, and dwell on the past, you can't enjoy the present.'" -Dylan quoting their mom.

"I can't even wish I were someone else, because there is no escaping who I am." -Nikolai

"Life's too short. It's not worth doing what other people want, just to please them." -Dylan

"She really wanted to be Cinderella, where her prince would come find her, but she'd left no glass slipper, and this was reality."

"Whatever. It's over. Just like a fairy tale, only without a happy ending." -Becca

I have a feeling that I'm a fish swimming upstream on this one because even with my problems with it, I enjoyed reading. A lot. I understand why Nikolai wanted to take a break from his life and why Becca finds it hard to let Vicky into her life. I loved the fact that the book brought me to places I've never been to before but want to *coughEuropecough* 

Since I got a thing for anything fluffy, sappy, mushy, and anything along those lines, I really liked most of Nikolai's cheesy cliche lines. And to point it out again, WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO MEET A PRINCE?! hahaha :) I wanted more of the body-guard-dodging-scenes but it wasn't placed that much though the one scene when it happened was perf.

All in all, it wasn't perfect but I can't stress enough how much I enjoyed this one. It was in fact refreshing to take a break from 1st person POVs and switch to the 3rd person narration. 

Angie Stanton's Royally Lost isn't for everyone but it certainly is for me :) 4/5 rating!

4/5 rating :)

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