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Hey! So, a few days ago, I learned that Lauren Kate wrote some short stories to accompany the main series, Fallen, which I reviewed by the way. (Find it HERE!) And of course, I just HAD to read them. I believe that they are published on the back of new editions of the series but fortunately, they could be found online *coughscribdcough* :)

Well, there's only one more thing left to do then: A recap! :D

Since I'm not really sure what came to be "published" first, I'll just list them down according to how they fall in line with the main series and write my thoughts in batches along with my ratings for each story :)


(0.1) Daniel's First Sighting - 3/5 rating
(0.2) Before the Fire - 5/5 rating
(0.3) What happened to Trevor - 5/5 rating
(0.4) Daniel in LA -  5/5 rating
(0.5) Arriane's Day Out - 5/5 rating
(0.6) Daniel and Gabbe's Fight - 4/5 rating

I never actually realized how much I missed these characters until I'm reading about them again. This first set shows six different events taking place before the series and during the first book, Fallen. I'm glad that these were written from different character's perspectives and not just Luce's. Another thing that I liked is that readers got to know more of the backstory about (1) what really happened during the night of Trevor's death [0.2-0.3]; (2) why Daniel acted the way he did when he first saw Luce [0.1, 0.5, 0.6] and; (3) The real deal between Daniel and Shelby [0.4]


(2.1) A Date with an Outcast - 3/5 rating
(2.2) Cam Goes Hunting - 3/5 rating
(2.3) Inside Francesca's Office - 3/5 rating

So this next batch has three short stories that takes place during Luce's stay at Shoreline. Of all the three, I liked 2.1 the best but gave it the same rating as the other "boring" ones because of it's length. Too short compared to the others. The titles are self explanatory anyway.


(3.1) Shelby's Journal - 5/5 rating
(3.2) Miles in the Dark - 4/5 rating
(3.3) Shelby's First Glimpse - 3/5 rating
(3.4) Daniel on Trial - 3/3 rating
(3.5) Daniel's Gift - 4/5 rating
(3.8) Daniel's Journal - 3/5 rating

This third set comes from the third book, Passion though I think a couple of books are misplaced. 3.1 should have been in the second set because it is about Shelby's first impression/thoughts about Luce and the journal entry was probably written in book 2 and I also think that 3.8 should be placed in the first group which includes the pre-fallen stories. I don't even know what happened to 3.6-3.7. It just jumped into 3.8 according to Goodreads. Oh well, I'm just following what GR comes up with. 

Anyway, aside from those technicalities, I liked the stories here especially 3.2 and 3.3 because it featured one of my favorite pairs in the series (Guess who!) :) The last three were okay, though I think they are a bit of a bore.


(4.2) Luce and Daniel's Date - 5/5 rating

This set only contain one story but it's perfect nonetheless! (Again, I don't know why Goodreads says 4.2 even though there's no 4.1 yet or maybe I just haven't seen it. Tell me if you guys know!) I loved how Luce and Daniel tried to be regular teenagers for a change instead of being two star-crossed entities. It's a fun read and Daniel's just really cute when he tried to do 'a normal thing' (won't spoil it for you guys)

TITLE: Angels in the Dark
AUTHOR/s: Lauren Kate
PUBLICATION DATE: 1st of January, 2013

Nope, not another book from the main series. Instead, Angels in the Dark is a compilation of seven short stories that's part of those I've mentioned above. It includes What Happened To Trevor, Arriane's Day Out, Daniel in LA, Miles in the Dark, Inside Francesca's Office, Cam Goes Hunting, and Luce and Daniel's Date. I am sure that all Fallen fans will enjoy this one as well as the other short stories above.

Aside from that, it also includes an excerpt of Lauren Kate's latest work, Teardrop

I'll give Angels in the Dark a 4/5 rating :) 

4/5 rating :)

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