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A NOVEL IDEA: A Review :)

"Sometimes love can be stranger than fiction"

(Spoiler free! Read on!)
TITLE: A Novel Idea (The Romantic Comedies)
AUTHOR/s: Aimee Friedman
PUBLICATION DATE: 7th of December, 2005
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon | The Book Depository
Ever since my first Simon Pulse Romantic Comedy, which was Caroline Goode's Cupidity, I've always been a fan of the series. That is why I am more than glad to get started on my fangirling again after it was terminated years ago when I failed to get hold of the other books.

A few days ago, I finished Aimee Friedman's A Novel Idea. Here's a review :)

Desperately in need of an extracurricular for her college applications, book geek Norah found the perfect solution for her troubles: Start her very own book club!

But little did Norah know, she's in for a surprise when aside from her friends, a few more unexpected members joined in. One of them is the sweet, poetic literary guy James. Can Norah finally have her very own happily ever after with the help of some mischievous schemes to get her prince?

As another Simon Pulse Romantic Comedy, A Novel Idea surely did not disappoint! From characters you can easily relate with, to an intriguing plot, it surely was worth the read! When I started, I didn't really put it down and after just three hours, I finished it.

I could totally get Norah. She reminds me of myself at some points especially about the extracurricular thing. Also, I love the fact that she's a big bookworm. Starting my own book club is an idea that I want to turn into reality but maybe it's not for me right now.

The love interest is definitely interesting. James is practically a male version of  Norah and to keep it short, who wouldn't want a guy who shares the same likes with you? Plus points because he's into poetry AND he's such a family guy! :)

Aside from the two, the other characters (like Neil, Audre, Griffin, Scott, and Francesca) are as well-written. Who knew such a weird group mix would be a great idea? The substories are cool and makes you want to read more. Some of the events are predictable but there are also some scenes that would surprise you. All while remaining hilarious but warm and fuzzy at the same time.

"Crushes, like colds, usually sneak up on you when you least expect them." -Norah

"Life is not fiction, and fiction is not life, and I needed to stop confusing the two." -Norah

"It's like the last day of school - suddenly, everybody gets brave." -Audre

"People will do completely crazy things for love." -Norah

"We spoke too much, using words as a way to cover up our truest feelings. Sometimes, you need a break from words." -Norah

"There's no such thing as a coincidence." -Francesca

"I do believe in books (...) Boys are boys, and books are books, and, in the end, it's best to have a little bit of both." -Norah

Should I say more? It's just amazing! I gave up sleep on this one. I don't completely agree on the ways of Norah to get James but the things are just funny. Besides, that's the plot, isn't it? I also love the fact that they (well, Norah and James) got to meet their fave author and the group even got an ADVANCED MANUSCRIPT! On the other hand, even though this Philippa Askance is such a hot shot, I don't agree on her attitude of committing into something and backing out at the last minute. It just doesn't seem professional.

Nevertheless, as I've said, A Novel Idea is a really good read. Perfect rating! :)

5/5 rating :)

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