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"Sometimes you just want to kiss and tell"

(Spoiler free! Read on!)
TITLE: Biggest Flirts (Superlatives#1)
AUTHOR/s: Jennifer Echols
PUBLICATION DATE: 20th of May, 2014
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon | The Book Depository
Ahh! A Jennifer Echols novel! I've heard so many good things about her in the bookish world though I haven't read any of her works yet. Then here comes the first book of the Superlatives Series, Biggest Flirts, making a splash in the new May releases in the blogosphere. Perfect for my first J. Echols read! 

Here are my thoughts :)
When the life of the party, Tia, meets the new boy from Minnesota, Will, she felt things she haven't felt before. Things that are way out of her comfort zone so her defense mechanism? Back down and push the problem away. Perfect solution? Not really.

After being branded as Biggest Flirts for the school's yearbook with Will, Tia's supposedly "platonic friendship" with him is thrown out the window as everybody notices the budding romance between the two - including Will's new girl, Angelica!

I was off to a bad start with this one and unfortunately, it went on until the end. It's really hard to get into a story when you don't really like the main character. Tia was just not the heroine type that I was looking for. Other than her big fear of responsibility and commitment (I see her stand here especially because of her family), I don't have any other common ground with her. If there's one thing I hate about characters (may it be a guy or a girl), it is when they try to cover up their smartness (is that even a word?) by playing dumb. 

The love interest, Will, doesn't actually "interest" me either. If a girl tells you that she's not ready to commit, BUGGER OFF and DO NOT FLIRT WITH HER. I couldn't blame him fully though. Tia sent mixed signals after all.  Will also doesn't fall under any of my "fangirling-worthy male leads". Maybe some of you would say that it's because he's unique. I'll let you guys decide whether that is a good or bad thing. 

I seriously wanted to stop right after the first chapter because of some...stuff that are totally NOT my thing. Still, I continued since I thought it was too early to give up on it and I actually hoped for it to get better. Sadly, it didn't. The story involved lots of parties (which aren't my groove), band practices (I like music, just not drums), shirtless people (boys and girls, though their reasons are valid), and of course a whole lot of crazy high school drama that I didn't actually experience when I was in high school. All of those are totally no-no for me.

The other character's stories are actually more interesting for me. Harper, Kaye, and Sawyer were better characters. I just really couldn't care more about Will and Tia and that is a very very bad thing considering they are the protagonists in this book. If there was a good thing that I liked that involved the two of them, I think it's the scene inside the band practice room. I won't spoil what happened in there except that it is something different from the other parts of the story. 

"If you don't try to fix it, it won't get fixed." -Harper

"If you fall in love, you attach yourself to somebody, and you can't do what you want over again." -Tia

"You're afraid to make plans because they might get broken." -Will

"Being in love totally sucks when they don't love you back." -Tia

"I wouldn't change my life for her. I've learned that from you. I'm not changing for somebody else, because that person could disappear. The only person to change for is yourself." -Sawyer

There isn't much left to say except that my first Jennifer Echols book turned out to be a disappointment. Tia and Will 's relationship isn't my thing. Mixed signals always ruin everything. 

I won't give up on J. Echols though. I already have a few more of her books in my TBR pile. I'm not giving up on this series either. I'll still wait for the next two books since they'll be featuring two of my fave characters: Harper in book 2: Perfect Couple and Sawyer in book 3: Most Likely To Succeed. Hopefully, these sequels will redeem the letdown that this first book gave to me.

Oh well, at least the book covers are lovely :)

2/5 rating :)

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