Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Youth Walk 2014 :)

"No better way to spend the season than being with Him."

April 15, 2013

Twice before, I've joined this yearly Lenten Recollection organized by the Saint Joseph Parish Youth Ministry and this year, I'm glad to be invited once again :)

"Keep the Faith"
SJPYM Youth Walk 2014

Around 4:30 pm, my cousin (Hi Elijah!) and I headed to the village's basketball court for the registration. Aside from the organizers, there aren't much people. YET.

Credits to Ate Dinky @danielaxlopez :)

Later on, the venue slowly started to be filled with the youth of varying ages, all ready to spend the night walking with God :)

See me? hahaha :)
Hi Kuya Jayjay!

After the necessary introductions and reminders were made, we were divided into groups and then headed out to have some quick dinner and of course, to get to know our groupmates a bit :)

Pink Group: College :)
(Hera, JC, Kams, Joana, Ciara, Me and our fasci Kuya Jayjay*)
*not seen
Finally, a firework erupted into the sky, signaling that it's time for everyone to get on their feet and start on our journey :)

STATION A: Heart (#Hugot)

Here at our first station, we did our first activity which involved writing down something that has a huge effect on our lives. Afterwards, we shared ouor stories about it and simply released what's in our hearts <3

STATION B: Mind (#IsipIsipDinPagMayTime)

I can say that this station is one of my favorites :) The activity allowed us to not only exert physical effort (digging up the questions) but also made us use our heads (answering the problems) :D

Just before the activity starts!
(Where am I looking at? haha!)

Here's us, digging up the tiny pieces of paper holding the questions! woohoo!

JC looking for Pink Flag #1!

Hi Kams! :D

Then that's me w/ this boy helping me dig lol XD

STATION C: Body (#KeriPaBa?)
In this station, we did a very PHYSICAL activity which includes several mini activities inside like Jogging, doing duck walk, tiptoeing between small spaces, and my fave, OVERLOADED! :D

STATION D: Soul (#GoLangNgGo)

If there's one station which I considered as my favorite, this probably is it. It was the hardest yet the most exciting and enjoying! After being blindfolded and lead by our fasci at the venue, we learned how to TRUST the organizers as they guided us through series of obstacles before reaching the end. TOTALLY FUN! <3

Some of us, still blind-folded, unaware of how we look like after the activity hahaha :)
(Joana, JC, and Me!)
After finishing the last station, we headed to hear Mass :) Perfect way to end this year's recollection ^.^

The organizers + the attendees GROUP PHOTO! :D
Some Selfies after Mass :)
(Credits to Hera Teodoro!)

Brought these mementos home :)

All in all, it was fun and very enlightening. Met new friends and got to bond with old ones :) Above all, it feels good to spend a little time for Him <3 

Looking forward to SJPYM's next event: The Youth Night! :D

PS: Photo Credits to owners (SJPYM Photographers Jomar Celino and Daniela Lopez) :D 
PPS: Check out the other photos HERE!

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