Thursday, April 17, 2014

Girl Power in THE STAFF OF SERAPIS: A Review

(Minimal to no spoiler review. Go Read!) 
TITLE: The Staff of Serapis 
(Kane Chronicle-Percy Jackson Crossover#2)
AUTHOR/s: Rick Riordan
PUBLICATION DATE: 8th of April, 2014
Alrighty! I haven't been posting for awhile so I reckon I'd do some back to back to back reviews and I'll be starting with this. Hooray! :)

I've been waiting for this for soooooo long after reading the first one The Son of Sobek. As a big fan of the PJO-HOO series as well as the Kane Chronicles, these crossovers are definitely worth reading! :) 
Having the best day of her life *please note the sarcasm*, Annabeth Chase's day couldn't get any worse. Or so she thought until she faces a monster at the subway. Well, another normal day for a demigod like her.

But then, as if things couldn't get any more weirder, she encounters a girl (named Sadie Kane) who reminds her of her younger self and a god who wants to conquer both the Greek and Egyptian deities. Together, Annabeth and Sadie must work hand in hand to defeat Serapis before he succeeds with his plans. 

The Greek meets the Egyptian!
Annabeth Chase & Sadie Kane
(Photo Credits to Miss Karen De la Garza
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Uncle Rick strikes again! Another great story coming out of a great mind. The Staff of Serapis is a good and quick read, suiting the fans of the series who wants to pass their time. 

But I could say that I enjoyed The Son of Sobek more. It isn't as exciting as the first one because there is less tension between the characters, Annabeth and Sadie, compared to the boys in the first crossover (Percy and Carter). When this was first announced, I was actually excited to see how the two girls would react. I thought their personalities would clash since they both radiate some kind of authority and holding the upper hand. The ending also didn't got me quite wanting more, unlike The Son of Sobek. It's up to you guys to decide whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Nevertheless, I find it cool to see two strong female leads for a change. It shows how girls could also be kick-ass like the boys. So, still, great work! :)

As much as I enjoyed The Staff of Serapis, I could say that it hasn't met up to my expectations but still, it was very good. (Of course, it's Uncle Rick's!) And even though it isn't as exciting as the first one, I'm still looking forward to a third installment of this :) Hopefully, it would include the four of them already (Percy, Annabeth, Carter, and Sadie)

Demigods and Magicians unite! :D Four out of five rating for The Staff of Serapis.

4/5 rating :)

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