Sunday, April 13, 2014

Porwan Day out :D

"True Friends are never apart. Maybe in distance but not in heart."

IV-Rizal batch 2013 :)

April 13, 2014.

Finally after weeks of planning (?) and rescheduling, it's finally here! Waking up at around 4:30 am to prepare for what the day will bring :)

First Stop: Alma Mater! Florentino Torres High School

Arriving at around 5:30 am, we have to wait for a few others who are "on their way" hahaha :)

Second Stop: Rizal Park AKA Luneta!

After being "complete" (sort of), we headed to meet the others at Luneta Park :D

There, after a few games of badminton and a jog around the Dancing Fountains, we stopped for a while, talking on how College Life is so far. After months of not seeing one another, it's refreshing to catch up with old friends.

Third Stop: McDonalds!

1) FOOD This is a necessity. No questions asked. Forever food-lovers <3
2) Change of clothes after being under the sun.
3) Waiting for Kuya Jeje. Nice nice. 

With mah girlies Kimberly and Dianne <3

(L-R smiling faces haha!)
Me, Dianne, Kimber, Kath, Shenile

(L-R) Kate, TJ, Natalie, Chester, Carlo, Kath

Fourth Stop: Robinsons Place Manila.
Actually did nothing here XD Just came for the air-conditioning and went out eventually :)

Fifth Stop: Jollibee!
Got something to eat before heading to the next place: TJ's!

Sixth Stop: TJ's homey!
After walking underneath the heat (with Cid and Kimberly) for the Great Ice Cream Search, we finally got to TJ's for lunch :)

Since the living room was still occupied (Pacquiao's fight was on the television.), we "chilled" (Oh the irony!), outside and played cards. (No gambling included!)

It was LOADS FUN! Learned a couple of new games :)

Then it was movie time (with ICE CREAM!!) Watched 21 and Over. Funny film 'bout friendship :)

Hello there :)
(w/ Arvin and Kuya Jeje)

A tub of Rocky Road/ Double Dutch later, all that's left is this.
They didn't like this flavor much so I had to finish half of it. #NotComplainingTho nom nom :3

After the movie, we chatted for a few more minutes about stuff before finally heading home. T'was a fun fun fun day indeed! It would've been better if we were more, though. But still, next time! :)

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