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"Weather forecast: Sunny with a chance of heartbreak"

(Spoiler-free! Read on!)
TITLE: Cover (Story) Girl
AUTHOR/s: Chris Mariano
PUBLICATION DATE: 13th of July, 2013
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon | Smashwords | Buqo

Hi!! I'm still on my local authors marathon and the next one I went through is Chris Mariano's Cover (Story) Girl. I learned about this one after reading All I Want For Christmas and saw some other works of the authors, one which is Miss Chris. The blurb really hooked me and I knew that I really should read it soon :)

Well without anything much more to say, here's a review of Chris Mariano's Cover (Story) Girl! :)

Gio's well-organized and scheduled-by-the-minute life is thrown out the window with the entry of the korean vacationer Min Hee. Without realizing it, he was already ducking inside cramped fitting rooms, touring a stranger around the scenic Boracay, and just completely going out of his comfort zone.

But as Gio gets to know more of the woman, he also starts to doubt whether he is truly getting to know the real Min Hee sans the lies that covers up her real identity.

To be honest, I was surprised to learn that the story follows Gio's perspective since I initially thought that it was going to be told through Min Hee's (I guess I was slightly mislead by the goodreads blurb. In fact, the plot actually turned out different than what I expected). Still, reading a book from the third person point of view is refreshing for me since I'm used to the first person POV with this kind of book. Following a guy's perspective is also a good break from female POVs and perspectives.

I liked how Cover (Story) Girl shied away from the bustling streets of Manila and brought the readers to the paradise of Boracay. As someone who had never been there (though I really want to!), the way the author painted the setting made me feel like I really was there.

The characters were soooo adorable too! I especially liked Min Hee (who I kinda see myself in haha!) Gio's character development was really good too (plus points because guys with glasses are extra adorbss AND a guy who loves his family? Swooooon!) Also, the secondary characters especially the locals were well written and showed much of the Philippine Culture. In fact, the WHOLE story showed much of the Philippine culture. It was amazing!

Saying that I LOVED the ending is an understatement. It was really cute and sweet and everything. Oh and by the ending, I actually meant the last few chapters (starting from chapter nineteen to the epilogue) Sure, small sweet nothings are adorable and charming but once in a while, girls do need grand gestures that would sweep them off their feet and that's just what I got :D Points for Gio Oppa!!

"I think every girl should just go on vacation and reinvent herself. No questions asked. No explanations necessary." -Min Hee

"Maybe some things are better kept buried. Private. (...) Maybe we shouldn't go poking around things that others want to kept hidden." -Min Hee

"Just because you have an answer for everything, Gio, doesn't mean that you're right." -Min Hee

"If you're going to do something, you better do it right the first time." -Gio

"In the real world, people have to live with the choices they make." -Gio

"You can't keep on resenting life for not giving you what you want when you don't do anything to fight for it." -Toni

"If she makes you happy, then go and chase her." -Lola Lising (Grandma Lising)

Cover (Story) Girl is a light and easy read that can take you to Boracay (and Korea!) without even leaving where you are. Though I initially thought that Min Hee was actually a dying girl with amnesia, running away from her father's creditors (because the blurb!! hahaha) 

Still, even if it didn't turn out like I expected, I still enjoyed reading it with its clever plot, beautiful setting/s, lovable characters, and perf ending <3 4/5 rating for Chris Mariano's Cover (Story) Girl! :)

4/5 rating :)

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