Friday, March 21, 2014

A Year-Ender Tribute to 1CA4! :)

"Each ending comes with new beginnings"

I can't believe the school year is already over! After months of thick hand-outs, endless reports, mind draining quizzes, sleepless nights and tons of paperwork, we are already saying hello to SUMMER VACATION and soon enough, greeting our second year in college! Hooray! :)

COLLEGE is NEVER EASY. It takes hard-work, patience, determination, and many other values that one must have in order for him/her to keep on going. The freshman year is definitely one of the hardest part of university life. That period of time when everything looks new and you get to taste a higher dose of freedom as well as a heavier weight of responsibilities on your shoulder; that starting point when life seems to be starting to make sense; that momentous moment when you know, that finally, it's time to pave the way towards your future.

I can still remember my first day at the Royal and Pontifical Catholic University of the Philippines: University of Santo Tomas (AKA UST). I was definitely a bundle of nerves back then. The butterflies in my stomach were flying 150 kmph both out of excitement and at the same time, anxiety. When I first met a few of my blockmates (1CA4 peepz!), of course it was natural for me to feel shy (everyone is!) but eventually we all got to know each other more and started to feel at ease with one another.

The first week was FUN! We got to participate in some activities laid down by the student councils and organizations.

JUNE 2013: Yellow Paper Signs :)

JUNE 5, 2013: Amazing Race!

JUNE 7, 2013: Thomasian Welcome Walk :)

JUNE 21, 2013: Campus Tour :)

JULY 1, 2013: Recollection :D
(With Aljude, Micah and Marghel)

Fast forward to a few months later, the excitement of the first week cooled down eventually but it doesn't mean that the fun ended there! Each day, I created wonderful memories with my blockmates and my friends :) Despite of the hectic schedule and loads of schoolwork, it was all worth it knowing that I'm enjoying every step of the way because of these awesome people :D Also,  Christmas (Check our Christmas Party Post HERE!), New Year, Valentines' Day and all the other occasions throughout the AY have been extra special because I celebrated it with the people dear to me :">

JULY 22, 2013: Class picture day :)
September 18, 2013: My first ever Yellow Day! (UST vs ADMU)

With our PGC Professor, Sir Bong Lopez :D
JANUARY 24, 2014: Sharing a laugh with them after the ASEAN Parade

Celebrating AB week with these people!
FEBRUARY 14, 2014: Wore blue but haven't felt sad on Valentines Day because of these lovely peepz <3

First Youth Service on Valentines Day! #CrazyLoveSeries <3

Today, as we conquered the last of our final examinations, we say goodbye to our freshman days.

MARCH 21, 2014: Last Day with 1CA4 :( :)

As the Academic Year ends (and so does this blogpost), I wanna thank first and above all else, God for all the blessings He has given me throughout the year. I'm really really blessed and I can't thank Him enough <3 Next of course to my family who has been supporting me ever since and especially now on my college days. To all of my professors (YES ALL OF THEM), who have made us learn what we need to through teaching us and/or making us realize the importance of self-study and advance reading haha :) And lastly, but DEFINITELY not the least, to my UST Family, my blockmates, my one and only (yieee!) 1CA4! Thank you so much for everything! You made my freshie year superb :* <3 

To my Study Buddies, Social Dancing groupmates, seatmates, fairygodmothers, idols, tawanan/kulitan/asaran buddies, Theology2 groupmates, and to the other types of groups I've been with all through out the two semesters of the year (You guys know who you are lol), NEVER ENDING THANK YOU especially for all the lessons I've learned from you (academically and non-acads related) ! :* <3

[A bit of special mention to these people who added an extra sparkle to my year: Ann, Mariel, Eds, Shanice, and Aljude =)) You guys are just so super kaduper ultra mega *insert all superlatives here* . One of the biggest blessings I had is the chance of not just crossing paths with you but being friends with you guys! Thank you for letting me experience my many firsts with you people :) Loveyouuuu to bits :* <3 >:)<]

This may sound clingy but I'll never forget you guys :") Cheers for future years-worth of memories (And photos! *coughselfiescough*)  with all of you! :* FOR GOD, GLORY, AND MORE, ROAR 1CA4! <3

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