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Poetry Dump :)

"I Am Writing You A Poem"
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In relation to my previous post (check it HERE!), here is the part four of my poetry series (Not sure if the last one or not, though. Haha!)  plus a few others I've made throughout the week. Happy Reading!

(Poetry Series Part 4)

It started out gradually
Then all came in a rush
Draining me so slowly
A feeling like an airplane crash

There’s no shine in your eyes
When they do meet mine
Heart filled with bitter lies
Began as the truth but faded through time

With that crazy mind of yours
Often beyond our understanding
You meet an angel that soars
A girl to help you regain your footing

I hope she lights your face once more
Brightening up your lonely world
And make you laugh like I did before
Way back when we’re not yet cold

We were dreaming an illusion
But then you woke up
Drowned in imagination
That was served in a cup

We’re over before we even started
You said, “I knew it ain’t love.”
Leaving me broken hearted
A little mourning dove

Lessons learned, earned by the knife
Paid the penalty through the hard way
Some are meant to pass by your life
But they are never meant to stay

~February 23, 2014~

Aaaaand here are a few more I've made as  one-shots (meaning, not really part of the series) Hope you guys like it :)


She floats down the aisle, smiling wide
He grins back waiting in his suit.
Blushing red, she’s a glowing bride
Tiny halos soon to be put.

Vows exchanged along with the rings
Promises whispered lovingly.
United with unnoticed strings
A bond to last eternally.

Guests gave them a round of applause
“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” They were all calling.
Husband and wife, leaning close
Then the camera stopped rolling.

End. Finale. Director’s cut.
A great flame burning to cinder.
Maybe for him, it was an act
But definitely not for her.

~March 12, 2014~


When you feel like giving it up
Think of why you even started.
When you fall down and scrape your knee,
Stand up and walk, try once again.

People may bring you down at times,
“You can’t do it, you’ll surely fail”
But do not dim down all your lights
Just ‘cause it’s shining in their eyes

Gray clouds fade and thunderstorms pass
A new day waits, the sun does rise.
It might be heavy at this point
But soon it will all be over.

You’ll be stronger. Braver. Tougher.
Better than what you’ve been before.
Cry and breakdown then shrug it off
Head high, Chin up. It’s worth the try.

~March 15, 2014~


Things all happen for a reason
We might not know it but it does
Soon enough we’ll figure it out.
Though now we are left in the dark.

Then they’ll come to turn on the light
Brightening up your gloomy life.
We call them friends, that’s what they are.
Sparks of hope, the good in the bad.

After a long and winding day
They’ll be there, shoulders to cry on.
Constant presence and power hugs
No need for words to be spoken.

Things all happen for a reason
We might not know it but it does
Soon enough we’ll figure it out.
But right now we’re out of the dark.

~March 15, 2014~

It's my first time to write something without rhyme and I don't know why I did it. I guess it's because I just want some self-encouragement. Everybody has rough times and I want to make myself believe that things will get better. Writing it down actually helped a lot :) Tell me what you guys think! Thank you :D 

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