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POETRY Series :)

"I Am Writing You A Poem"
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"I would never like poetry." 

But then again, as I entered college, I guess I ate my words. My world broadened after High School. I developed old hobbies and found new interests. One of these new passions is poetry. Like my young mind before, most people have a hard time appreciating this type of literature. Some, because of the difficulty of unveiling the layers underneath layers of possible meanings. Some, because of the flowery vocabulary being used. And some, because of the many metaphorical illusions presented in every piece. They say it involves too much "reading between the lines" since the careful picking of words reveals an underlying connotation; the structure and syllables used has an impact to the overall meaning; and each sound, when the poem is read, can give off another understanding of the piece.

But these sentiments are what makes a poetry a "Poetry". It is complex and easily misunderstood yet lovely and expressive at the same time. A single line can paint a large picture. A single stanza can depict the deepest intentions. A single piece reveal the heart and soul of a poet. That is why, I am glad that I discovered the true beauty of poetry and that I am a step closer to unearthing my inner poet.

Here are some works of mine. They're all interconnected, creating a poetry series lol. Made these for a school activity :D Feel free to analyze as I am welcome to constructive criticism :) 

"No More"
(Poetry Series Part 1)

No more pep talks, no more fun times
No more laughing that sounds like chimes.
Things have changed along with people
Never thought we’d have a free fall.

Friendly buddies, that’s what we were
But now it only leads nowhere.
We were once so close, now so far
Feels like destruction after war.

You have began to drift away
Left me speechless, no words to say.
Like setting sun, you start to fade
As sky turns to the darkest shade.

Still I continue to believe
That you’ll come back next to my sleeve.
No hope is lost, faith is still here
One day I know you will be near.

~September 23, 2013~

(Poetry Series Part 2)

There are times when we get along
But then things suddenly go wrong.
Up and down, you turn me around
Left me looking for solid ground

Please mister, do make up your mind
I do not want to be kept blind
Please mister, tell me how you feel
Stop treating me like ice cold steel.

And tell me what the matter is
Losing my mind because of this.
Don’t know what to think anymore
I thought you would be my savior.

Please mister, help me understand
I’m drowning in my own quicksand.
Say the truth, enough with your game
Does your heart really speak my name?

~September 25, 2013~

(Poetry Series Part 3) 

Like shining stars that grew so bright
Emitting glow in this dark night.
Cold, frozen, and chilled to the bone
Thawed by warmth, now I’m not alone.

I was blind but now I can see
The hints you tried to show to me.
Subtle gestures that were concealed
Which a plain note had all revealed.

Back once more but now we’re better.
Saved our friendship, made it stronger.
A closeness tighter than before
A feeling that I do adore

Cleared some things up by a fraction,
Not through words but by your action
Mister, who has once been so far
You, oh my ever blazing star.

~January 25, 2014~

There! Hope you guys liked it :) Tell me what'cha think!

The next part's up! Check it HERE!

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