Sunday, December 22, 2013


"For God, glory, and more. Roar, 1CA4!"

It's THAT time of the year again! Parties, music, gifts, lights, food everywhere! People are definitely feeling the vibes as we count down towards Christmas Day and we are not an exemption :)


We party. And we party HARD!
WHAT: 1CA4's Adhohoho2013
WHERE: UST, St. Raymund's Bldg, Rm. 207
WHEN: December 20, 2013; 11:30 am

"Are you ready for the biggest party of the year?!"

Some Pre-Party Prepping going on as we wait for the others to arrive :)

Prepping ze Foodies and Balloons :D 
Gotcha! Hiya Mr. Pressy Ali Millar :D Head Organizer? 
The party was officially started with a simple prayer, thanking Him for helping us set up this wonderful get together and giving us a chance to celebrate our first Christmas as a block :">

QTP2T Host for the afternoon, Ariane Songco! :D

As usual, the happenings that keeps a party going : GAMES! And yes, we played VERY VERY NEW and ORIGINAL games. First time ever played! *insert sarcasm here* but nevertheless, it was loads of fun hahaha :)) Felt like a kid again ^_^

It's the ladies vs. the gents in a mighty game of "PUTUKAN" LOL XD
Demo first puhleaaaase? :D
(Oh and Hi there Sir Nico! :) )
And a round of "NEWSPAPER DANCE" for game#2 :))
(Hi derr Timmy and Yel yihii chos!)

Steady lang Shalom and Miko :)) Smile!

And then there's me tryin' to balance with le friend. Hello there Aljude! :))

Chi with imwizpaulifa :D <3

After the games, Yellow Paper Productions presented a little something for everyone :) 

Woohoo! Go guys :))
(Nuxx Ariane, Klarisse and Benny haha! spotlight :D)
Shalom Gan as Cecilia :")

Yellow Paper Productions backstage! (Medj Kulang haha)

A party wouldn't be a party without food, will it? The next on the line up is eating tiiiime! :D 

Nom nom nom! :D
(Hiiiii Yel, Klarisse and Benny!)
With le buddies Aljude, Edz, Shanice, Ann, and Eunise! ^__^ <3
And of course, the awaited Exchange Gifts! And impromptu raffle! hahaha Gather around peepz! :D

dun dun dun duuuuun! Kanya-kanyang hula ng mga codenames haha :)
May raffle thingy pala haha :) Go Mr. Pressy!
BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! As per the request of our dear adviser (*waves* Hi Sir Nico!) this year's 1CA4 AWARDS was held, facilitated by Bailey (Belli Lara) and company :D For Fun Onlyyy! ^_^

And the Miss Congeniality Award goes to...... Jaimie Manalad! :D
(Jaimie with Bailey hihi funneh girls!)
The LOL Award-Male goes to...... Raymund Sampang! :D
(Hi there Josielynne and Hash ;) jokes! )
Ann Agabin for LOL Award-Female! :D 
Our Miss Photogenics (AKA Selfie Queens) taking their signature Selfie :D
(Kat Carpio and Ashley Fernando. Pretteh girlies!)

Chatterbox Award-Male and Laging Gutom Award-Male for IC Fontanilla! Hakot hahaha :)
(With Honey and Bailey!)
Our Early Bird Awardee, Angel Dela Costa with Bailey! :D
(Plus Honey, Ariane, Jaimie, Edz, and Ali in the background. Haha!)
And wow. Love Team Of The Year? Wut? Hahaha! Oh well,  Hi Aljude De Guia! XD Nice nice!
(You bullies :P Ang daming paparazzi shots kaya medj hindi nakatingin sa camera. hahaha!)

**My apologies to the other awardees not mentioned. [Laging Gutom Award-Female (Shanice Barbin), Best Dressed Award-Male (Sky Ampil), Best Dressed Award-Female (Chean Magtiza), Chatterbox Award-Female (Yo Repuyan) etc.] I can't find any photos huhu Sarrey! But still, CONGRATULATIONS :* <3 <3 <3 **

Before the celebration ended, of course, Photo Ops with our Adviser Sir Veronico "Nico" Tarrayo! Thank you for joining us Sir :D 

with Sir Nico, Edz and Mars :"> 
Groupie ;)
1CA4 Fam :""> <3
(Medj Kulang huhu :( *insert Julie, Mau, and Fides here*)
Thank you guys for this AWESOME Parteh! Truly the biggest party of the year (For 1CA4 anyway haha) Love you guys to bits :* <3 Happy Holidays and see ya soonies!!! ^___^ 

CREDITS To Mr. Pressy Ali Millar for this photo hihi ^__^
(And to Belli Lara and Miki Miclat for all of the photos above!)

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