Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ranga Poetry for ENG2

"Poetry is the rythmical creation of beauty in words"-Edgar Allan Poe

"I Am Writing You A Poem"
(Photo Credits to Mr. Archan Nair
Find him at Archann.net)

Poetry has always been fascinating for me that's why I was more than thrilled and excited for our activity in our ENG2 course.

As a group, we need to each compose a poem but everyone was required to contribute a few lines to all members' work. In the end, here's one of our products :) 

Lazy morning bathed with light,
I see your face filled with delight.
Her daydreams dreamt with new songs sung,
Sung with melodies wishful, but dumb.

Moments we get to see eye to eye,
Sometimes I smile; at times I want to cry.
But the dawn made me realize that another day came
A new day to laugh and play my life’s game.

At times I feel your warm embrace,
I feel a smile creep down my face.
A loving memory of yours to cherish
Deep in my heart, that will not perish.

I promise that you will be remembered
Deep down in my heart you are treasured
My love for you is as infinite as the sky
No end to it even when I die.

I thank you for all the shared memories
Through all your promises, through all sorry’s
Things may change but there are some that will linger
Today, tomorrow, forever and ever. 

And another one! 

"By the Window"

The clouds cry out to the loss I feel,
As raindrops engage in a harmonious race.
The sound of thunder made me kneel,
As I remember the times I see your face.

The pouring rain can't compare to the tears I've shed.
Right now what I feel would left be unsaid.
The absence of the shining sun is truly felt,
Ever since that morning when I learned you've left.

Trying hard to forget that scene,
When it was the last time we have been.
Though I'm ready to let go of you now,
I see this as a broken vow.

Because how can you free your heart,
From someone you never want to be apart?
How can you learn to love once more,
when you know you've had the best before?

You, whom I look for everywhere,
Him, who have caused me this pain,
Where are you and where have you gone?
How dare you leave me hopeless and shunned?

Credits to: Ailla Magcamit, Shanice Barbin, Shalom Gan, Jwynne Macan, Patricia Casas, Edralyn Maaliw, Chean Magtiza, and Jaimie Manalad :) Great Job girlies! ^_^

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