Sunday, January 19, 2014

Back to back to back birthday bash!

"The best birthdays are those which are celebrated with the people you love"

January 18, 2013

It's the weekend! And guess where we're heading? Hello Antipolo!!! 
After a week of books, hand-outs, reviewers, and few hours of sleep, the Preliminary exams week is finally over and I'll be able to chill for awhile. And when I say "chill" I meant it figuratively and LITERALLY.

Ready for the trip! Sort of.

After a few hours of travel, the stars are already out when we reached our destination: The Pagador's Residence at Sun Valley, Antipolo! I had no idea that it would be THAT COLD up there! So guess who didn't bring any jacket and worse, wore those shorts -_-

The view took my chilly breath away :) I'm positive that it would be much more beautiful during the morning

Since it's around dinner time, we gathered 'round the table to start eating. But not before saying a simple prayer led by Tito Froi and of course PHOTO OPS :D

Goin' Italian with pizzas and pasta haha :) And the usual cake and ice cream. nom nom :D
Happy (belated/advanced) birthday Titas! :D
The celebrants makes a wish and blows their candles!
The besties!
(Mommy Alysse, Tita Aiereen, Tita Cora, and Tita Irene)
And of course, the gents :D
(Tito Raymond, Tito Neil, Daddy Rommel, and Tito Froi)

As everyone was settling down with their own plates, Josh showed his keyboard skills playing Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are" and was eventually joined by Ate Mae for the vocals :D (I would've volunteered to sing but meh, my talent fee's too expensive HAHAHA Feelingerz. Joke! But really, next time..hahaha)

Hi Josh and Ate Mae! ^_^

A party wouldn't be a party without games! HAHAHA! So after we have eaten to our fill, we decided to get some air and bond over. Amidst the chilly breeze, we played games outside, partying through night! \m/

Grocery List-turned-Party Plan! :D
Trip to Jerusalem. Haha. Very new *insert sarcasm here* but totes fun! :)
CONGRATULATIONS to the winner Andrew!

Potato Relay! Whoo! Uber Fun! T'was a close game too! But still, we won bahahaha Bragging rights!
Cogratulations Team! (Daboy, Aina, Me, Ate Mae, Josh)
Next game is Arrange yourselves! Hahaha. Fun fun! One of my faves :D

Team A: Ate Faie, Airelle, Aina, Leila, and Ate Mae :D
Team B: Andrew, Me, Irish, Daboy, and Josh :D
Yooooo! Congratulations Team B! Haha :) Bragging rights once more :P (Yabang! Parang hindi natalo sa first game lol)

Last game and my most favorite one (because I actually SANG! Can you believe it? I can't :D Haha! Frustrated singer alert!) Name that tune! Still, even though my voice sucks, got the last of my bragging rights for the night along with my Name-that-tune-buddy (since it's a pair game :D)

We don't actually have a photo together so yeah, the power of CROP! That's why it's blurry. Hahaha :) (buti na lang palagi tayong magkatabi sa mga photo ops ;D)
Hi there Buddy! (Feeling Close ba ako? hahaha!) Oh, fine. Hi Josh!
After the cash ran out (No more prizes? Aww.) Photo Shoot's next. As usual. haha :) I like photos though. They're the best keepsakes ^_^

started with 3, ended with 8. NICE :D

The Pretty Moms :D
(Tita Irene, Tita Cora, Tita Aiereen, Mommy Alysse)
And the dads who are already planning for the next get together hahaha :D
(Tito Froi, Tito Neil, Daddy Rommel, and Tito Raymond)
Awwwww aren't they the sweetest? :D <3 <3 <3
And of course, the cutest kids ever! Hahahaha :D
Even though I'm really (like seriously) freezing, it was all so so worth it! Met new friends since they weren't around during the Tagaytay-Batangas trip (Hello Pagador and Olanda tweeps :D) and bonded with le familia and titas and titos :) 

Again, Happy birthday Titas! and see you all soonies! (Leggo Baguio or Bicol haha! :D)

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