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(No spoiler review. Go Read!) 
TITLEThe Crown of Ptolemy
(Kane Chronicle-Percy Jackson Crossover#3)
AUTHOR/s: Rick Riordan
PUBLICATION DATE31st of March, 2015

The Kane Siblings + Percabeth + A Percy First Person POV = Perfection.

THIS. This is what almost every fan has been waiting for and I sure was not disappointed! I was really glad that the four of them (Percy, Annabeth, Carter, and Sadie) was in it together -as what I actually wanted after reading The Staff of Serapis (which I reviewed HERE by the way)

I'm really excited to fangirl with you guys so let's get started! :)

In their first encounter, demigod Percy Jackson and magician Carter Kane had to battle a giant crocodile on Long Island. A month later, Annabeth Chase ran into Carter's sister, Sadie, on the A train to Rockaway, where the pair fought a god named Serapis. Now trouble is brewing again, this time on Governor's Island. An ancient Egyptian magician named Setne has come back from the dead and is experimenting with Egyptian and Greek magic, trying to become a god himself. He's so powerful and tricky that all four-Percy, Annabeth, Carter, and Sadie-have to team up against him. But their usual weapons and spells aren't going to cut it this time. Will the heroes be taken down by a wannabe god who looks like Elvis, or will they rise to the challenge?


^That was enough to make me feel extremely excited for Crown of Ptolemy when I first learned about it. I mean, come on! It's Percy! And I've really missed hearing him again. It's been so long *cries* 

Anyway, as I've mentioned earlier, it did not disappoint! It was everything I've expected and even more! We get to see once again the "classic" sassiness of THE Percy Jackson and wow how I've missed this guy! I swear I couldn't get enough of him. For reals. *cue explosion of fangirl heart*

But aside from that, I was really touched on how Percy is beginning to start looking into the future -not in an oracle sense, though. That would be creepy- but imagining his future "regular" life with Annabeth (D'AWWWW my babies all grown up *sniff*) I wouldn't spoil it for you guys but there's this scene...and lines... that touched me a lot. Percy visioning having kids with Annabeth in the future? HEARTS! <3

And of course, let's not forget the awesomesauce Kane Children - Carter and Sadie. They were as superb as ever! I also just realized why Rick Riordan paired Percy-Carter and Annabeth-Sadie to meet up during the first two crossovers. It's because they complement each other. Percy's a doer (like Sadie) and Carter's a thinker (like Annabeth) which is amazeballs! They make an amazing team!

I sooooo loved how action-packed Crown of Ptolemy was! The "Villain" was genius (and funny)!The combination of Greek and Egyptian skills was genius! In fact everything in this short was GENIUS! I cannot even. 

If those aren't enough reasons for you to read this, I need to point out how HILARIOUS it was (well, it's a Percy POV so what do you expect?) I want to place the funniest ones here but I'd rather you read them for yourself ;) 

oh and by the way PERCY JACKSON FIRST PERSON POV (sorry, I just cannot get over this.)

Of the three (so far?) Crown of Ptolemy is definitely my favorite! It has the all the ingredients that makes A Rick Riordan story. It's *insert all synonyms for amazing here*! 

Re-reading these shorts never fails to remind me why I fell in love (and continually falling in love) with Uncle Rick's writing especially PJO-HOO and Kane Chronicles :) If this is the last of the PJO-Kane Chronicles crossovers, I can say that I am absolutely satisfied. But of course, a full-length novel (and even a SERIES!) of this crossover wouldn't hurt *wink wink* 

I swear I need more Percy Jackson goodness! A third series maybe? Even after completing Magnus Chase. I could wait! Just give us more of the demigods please? or the Kane Sibs? *hopeful eyes*

SERIOUSLY, GO READ THIS ONE! :D I cannot stress this enough. Five out of five rating for The Crown of Ptolemy!

5/5 Rating! :)


  1. I had no idea this one's already out. I'm so excited to read this one!!! I'm so glad you loved it, Ailla! <3

    1. I've been waiting for this for so long aurghhhhh! MUST. READ! You really should read it soon :D Thanks for dropping by!

  2. PERCY POV? SOLD. ;D Okay, but truthfully, if I ever do end up reading this, it would be solely for the cute Percy/Annabeth moments. :) I totally need a third series too! Preferably one where they get married and have 12 babies.

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings

    1. LOL! The Percy POV is actually what excited me so much :D And if you do ever read this one, I'm sure your Percabeth shipper heart would burst :3

      Thanks for dropping by, Aims! :D

      Maybe we could petition for a third series? ;)

  3. The crossovers are really amazing! I loved this book, too! :) Okay, who am I kidding? I loved everything Percy. It was really cool reading Percabeth with the Kane siblings. The clash of personalities and abilities! It's a riot! :D

    Julie @ Books and Insomnia

    1. I know! And yes, we devour everything Percy lol It was really nice seeing them all together! I really wanted it to happen after reading Staff of Serapis :D I need moreeeeee :3


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