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P.S. I STILL LOVE YOU: A Review :)

"Love is never easy, but maybe that’s part of what makes it so amazing"

*SPOILERS AHEAD! Proceed with caution!*
TITLE: P.S. I Still Love You 
(To All the Boys I've Loved Before #2)*
AUTHOR/s: Jenny Han
PUBLICATION DATE: 26th of May, 2015
AVAILABLE AT: Amazon | Book Depository 
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**And, for Filipino readers, check out this amazing review of P.S. I Still Love You by Leng HERE! which actually expressed most of my un-expressible emotions quite well.

It's only been a couple of hours since I finished one of my most anticipated reads this year. No other than Jenny Han's P.S. I Still Love You. I don't know how to start right now but I NEED to let it out or else, my fangirl heart would probably burst out of feels.

This is going to be long and I would probably be incoherent (because!!!!!) but please bear with me :) I have a feeling it'll be pretty long too haha ^^ 

Lara Jean didn’t expect to really fall for Peter.She and Peter were just pretending. Except suddenly they weren’t. Now Lara Jean is more confused than ever.
When another boy from her past returns to her life, Lara Jean’s feelings for him return too. Can a girl be in love with two boys at once?

Feels. Rollercoaster, heartstrings-tugging feels.

That basically sums up my whole P.S. I Still Love You reading experience. I actually have mixed feelings for this one BUT of course, despite that, I couldn't help but love it. Just Because. I'll try to elaborate though :)

Fair warning: Unless you A) have read both books or B) don't mind being spoiled, I recommend skipping this section and proceeding to the last part of this review (Final Verdict part)

> The things I loved <

1. Lara Jean
- I loved Lara Jean before but this book made me love her even more. Her character development was really amazing and though she remained "quirky," I could say that she matured well over time. How she handled things impressed me (especially the break-up scene where I actually teared up) and she proved that she isn't the fragile porcelain doll that everyone expects her to be Awesomesauce!

2. Basically the whole Covey Family 
- I loved how the book (despite all the drama) also focused on other terms of Lara Jean's life. Her relationship with her family was touched into a much deeper level here and everybody just seems to be...growing up *cries "my babieeessss"*

I didn't really like Margot that much during the first book. She felt too good to be real. This time however, I loved her! She showed her soft side which humanizes her a lot. I could say that her overall relationship with her family is something that developed compared to book1. And she reminded me of my cousin haha hi Cuz! *waves* Aside from Margot, I loved Kitty too because I felt like she symbolized the "innocence" that LJ slowly lost throughout the course of the duology esp. the second book. Kitty also added humor to the somewhat angsty vibe of the story. I also liked how we got to see how amazing Mr. Covey is when it comes to parenting. He's awkward and all that but there's no denying his love for his children and their love for him as well *D'Awwww* (plus points because his love life was a cute touch)

3. The secondary characters
- Chris. Trevor. Ms. Rothschild. Jamie Fox-Pickle. Stormy. Alicia. The Belleview gang. I love them all!

4. The S-Word
- Sex was a topic that was greatly discussed by PSISLY. It was slightly touched on the first book but this one zoomed on it much closely. Things when it comes to that are quite different here in the Philippines (being conservative and all that) and I'm really glad that Jenny Han has managed deal with the concept of love-making in an effective way that isn't offensive and isn't something that makes me cringe. That's one of the best things in this book, for me :)

In relation to that, I loved how Han managed to point out the double standards in our society when it comes to males and females especially when it comes to "doing it." But above all, what I loved is how much it was stressed that YOU must always have a say on whether you want to do it or not

Quoting Leng of
"I like the book’s message about sex: it’s okay not to be ready. It’s okay to say no. If he truly cares about you, if he truly loves you, he’ll respect your decision and wait. (100 points for Kavinsky for this!)"
5. John Ambrose McClaren (the third haha!)
- I love John Ambrose McClaren, okay? Come on, I bet everyone did (even just a little little tiny bit, don't deny!) He was this awkward boy who grew up into this dashing ughhhh *hearts all over* He's an ideal book boyfriend, for me (and I RARELY USE THE TERM BOOK BOYFRIEND!) He's charming, and nice, and isn't someone who takes advantage of things. He could've easily gotten LJ since she was pretty vulnerable post-breakup but did he? NOPE. Because he's a gentleman, that's why. 

I have to admit that McClaren and LJ definitely have undeniable chemistry. And they're adorable! And their past! And ALL the scenes that they were together were really feels-worthy ughhhh especially THAT goodbye. It devastated my fangirl heart and I ugly cried. Yes.

Oh John Ambrose McClaren, if she doesn't want you, I'll have you anytime! (PS. I easily guessed the plot twist with him and Stormy)

>The things I didn't exactly like<
1. Josh 
- At some point, I was initially a Josh/Lara Jean shipper (I'm not, now.) Though I know he got his share of the spotlight in the first book, I wish he had some kind of closure in PSISLY. I actually even wanted him and Margot to get back together. Or at least be friends with Lara Jean and Kitty again. Oh well, maybe some things can't just go back the way they used to.

2. Plot hole
- It's a little thing but it actually bothered me. I saw a couple of reviews pointing this out too. During LJ and Genevieve's last confrontation scene, Gen said the reason why she hated LJ so much and our protagonist was actually surprised. 

But wait, didn't Gen already mentioned it before? Back in book 1, during their way home from the ski trip? The bathroom confrontation scene? 

3. Peter Kavinsky
- Before you fangirls hunt me down with torches and pitchforks and everything, hear me out, okay? I liked Kavinsky enough to ship him with Lara Jean. I DO appreciate the special things he did for LJ and I loved their moments. It was sugar-and-honey sweet! Like the day they became official, their first fight, Peter K acting all knight-in-shining-armor during the hot tub vid fiasco, etc. I loved it all.

The problem is that he seemed..different from the Peter K we 've known from book 1. Primarily because PSISLY focused more on the main characters' frustrations and deep, intense emotions than the cutesy, tweetums, adorableness in TATBILBAside from that, let's face it, Peter was a bit of a jerk to Lara Jean. Sure, I get that he still cares for Gen. She's his first love after all and his friend too. But I think putting his EX first? Nope. And he said mean things to LJ too! Though that's understandable. We all say things we don't really mean when we're mad, don't we? 

But what really did it for me were (1) the Annabel Lee poem thing, and (2) my most hated scene where he took back the locket from LJ. I'm no pro at this but I'm pretty sure you shouldn't take back things you've already given unless the person returns it herself/himself. Ugh. 

One thing that keeps me from totally hating on Peter Kavinsky is the fact that despite all his faults and bent reasons, I felt like he genuinely wanted Lara Jean to be happy. Also, I don't think he'd intentionally hurt LJ. Though he had been at fault, I still believe that this mess is because of Genevieve. Besides, he tried to make up for his stupid actions eventually. That's enough reason for me. (Do I sound like I'm making up excuses for him? Yep, probably. I'm such a Lara Jean, I know I know)

4. The "resolution"
- While I honestly loved the last scene, (come on, it was sweet! and touching! and real! and their lines was feels-worthy especially that of Peter K which was a redeeming factor. I ugly cried on this one too.) I felt that it could've been better. It's just like what Leng mentioned on her review:
"Seriously, one chapter redemption after chapters full of frustration and angst?"
It seems a bit rushed for me, that's all. I guess we readers deserve some sweet, mushy, satisfying epilogue after bearing with all the heart-wrenching chapters that got me all like:

"You gave me my first love story, Peter. Please just don't let it be over yet." -Lara Jean 

"I suppose you can't hold on to old things just for the sake of holding on." -Lara Jean

"Things feel like they'll be forever, but they aren't. Love can go away, or people can, without even meaning to." -Margot

"People say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I think they're wrong: Proximity makes the heart grow fonder. " -Lara Jean

"You can't judge who you love the most by how long you love them." -Lara Jean

"Maybe really, really good things aren't meant to last for too long; maybe that's what makes them all the more sweet, the temporariness of them." -Lara Jean

"When you lose someone and it still hurts, that's when you know that the love was real." -Ms. Rothschild

"I don't think it was our time then. I guess it isn't now, either. But one day maybe it will be." -John Ambrose McClaren

Despite of everything, I could say that I still loved the book. It definitely wasn't the sweet and adorable sequel I was hoping for but it was something that took me into an extraordinary feels trip like the first one. And that's the most important thing for me: the way a book makes me feel and the impression it leaves me. 

I couldn't bear to give it anything less so, 4.5 out of 5 rating for Jenny Han's P.S. I Still Love You! :)

4.5/5 Rating! :)


  1. Great review! I've heard a lot of good things about this book so I'm looking forward to reading it =)

    1. Thanks Brittany! I hope you'll have the chance to read it soon! Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. I loved this book so much. I didn't think Jenny Han could do better than her Summer series but she did. As for the plot part you mentioned, I think it's supposed to be nuanced. In book one, Genevieve mentions that she knows about the kiss, and LJ assumes Peter told her, but in book two she realizes that G knows because she saw for herself. It's not that much of a difference, but I understand the difference from a teen girl perspective.

    1. Hey Aly! Thanks for pointing that one out! I consulted my copies and I guess you're right. I haven't thought of that! Anyway, it isn't much of a big deal actually. I loved this book too :D Though I liked TATBILB better.

      Thanks for dropping by :)



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