Saturday, December 7, 2013

Batangas-Tagaytay Escapade!

"Open your eyes and you will see, 
how beautiful nature can be"

Amidst the great deal of pressure brought by the fast paced living today, one must learn how to relax and let go even for just a few days. That is why, even though I should have been beating deadlines, my weekend was spent on relieving myself from all the stress that the weeks have brought (and has been bringing, actually).

Day One: Saturday, November 30, 2013

With Le family before meeting up with Tita's and Tito's :)

Together with my family and some family friends (who were college besties of mommy), we hit the road to start our journey. It was tough since we had to wake up early for the preparations and the path was pretty bumpy so I couldn’t even get a wink of sleep but nevertheless, the 3-hour journey was superb! The sceneries were totally different from what we usually see in Manila. Definitely greener pasture (literally).

It's like you could almost reach out and touch the fluffy clouds :3

Finally, after the road trip (with a few stop-overs to answer calls of nature) we have reached our destination: Canyon Cove Beach Club at Nasugbu, Batangas!

Finally! We're here!
When the necessary procedures were done, we got to check out our rooms and wow! 

The breath-taking view from the balcony <3

Since the kids (Fine, and I) were excited to hit the waves, we did so after some snacks :)

Crowded in one of the rooms for quick-eating before going to the beach!
We like family pictures, yes. XD

Buried Daddy under the sand ^__^
I've always wanted to be a mermaid LOL
When the night came, we transferred from the sea to the pool :) As the kids were taking a swim, the grown-ups are enjoying the night’s breeze. 

Yes, I'm part of the "kids" since I'm babyfaced :P
Tita Cora, Mommy, and Tita Aiereen :)

Around 7 pm, we grabbed some dinner (Yummy Adobo :D) and they (well, most of them) went out again to take a stroll around the resort while I preferred to stay at the Hotel’s lobby for the WiFi LOL XD because even though I was on vacation, I was still working on some school stuff (boo!)

When we have returned to our rooms, I was not surprised that we did a little “photoshoot” before heading to bed (this never goes missing anytime!) Though I believe I started it XD What?! I liked my dress :P

With Daddy, Mommy and Sisters :) 
Time for Sleep! Look at my face aww 
Day Two: Sunday, December 1, 2013

The next day, we all woke up early (around 7 am and yes, that is early for a nocturnal like me :P) to go for a last swim before leaving. Because I’m still sleepy and because of the abdominal pains I have experienced the previous night (which wasn't obvious from our photos LOL!), I decided to stay in our room and just wait for them to finish. But then, after just an hour or less, my beach girl side won so I joined them anyway haha :) And it was WORTH IT because I’ve experienced my very first Banana Boat Ride! Yipiee :D

Family photo. Again. (I don't look like I'm in pain there, do I? LOL)

D'AWW! they're so adorbs :">
(Tita Cora and Tito Bhebot; Mommy and Daddy; and Tita Aiereen and Tito Froi)

The next generation (nuxx!) 

BESTEST EXPERIENCE EVER! The water's just <3 and the SEA FOAM oh Poseidon! :D
 I don’t wanna leave yet but we have one more place to go so we checked out and had lunch. After that, we hit the road again and about two hours have passed when we arrived at our destination: Tagaytay Highlands

It was a bit foggy on the road but when it cleared, WHOA! Amazeballs! <3

Santa Claus welcomed us to THE GOLF CLUB :)
[We were supposed to try the Cable Car but unfortunately, it wasn't available :( ]
The scenery was really beautiful :)
[Aw come on! I blend in well JK!]

Since there are no Cable Cars that day, we went to the Country Club instead and of course, acted out as real tourists: PHOTOS EVERYWHERE.

At the Country Club Tagaytay Highlands :D
[This is the edge of the WiFi Zone ;) ]

The background is NOT a painting. I know, it's so whoaaa!

*hopes I get their names right* haha!
(Ate Mae, Irish, Daboy, Nikki, MC, Yanyan, Leila, Airelle, and Me)

Tita Cora and Tito Bhebot; Mommy and Daddy; Tita Aiereen and Tito Froi 

But then, all days do come to an end and this one's no exemption so after hundreds of photographs later, our little trip comes to a halt as we head back to good ol' Manila :)

It was supposed to be "Tagaytay Highlands" but we were moving too fast so.... :D

"Everything has its end. Even the sun knows it must set."
It truly has been a great experience spending some time-out from all our buzzing lives even though for just two short days. Time might pass but memories will remain as long as we know how to remember :) Hoping to return there soon! <3


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