Tuesday, April 18, 2017

SUMMER FEELS - #romanceclass Authors {Cover Reveal}

Summer is one of the best times of the year - and it's finally here in the Philippines! With an excuse to be at the beach, go home to the provinces, or even just laze around sipping iced cold beverages while hanging out with friends, exciting things can definitely happen under the sun!

In line with the season comes an upcoming anthology from #romanceclass authors and I'm excited to share its cover today! I'm pretty sure you'll adore it as much as I did because it was made by one of my favorite artists and #romanceclass author as well - Miss Miles Tan

Don't forget to pre-order your copies, whether in print or ebook! It will be up by the end of the month so the wait will soon be over. Check out the details below for more information :)

For now, while waiting, indulge your eyes with the refreshing cover of Summer Feels!

Title: Summer Feels
Author: #romanceclass authors
Expected Release Date: 30th of April 2017
Pre-order available at: PRINT | AMAZON

Summer loving happens so fast, as you'll find with Summer Feels, an anthology of 23 stories of love under the summer sun by #romanceclass authors. Savor the candied thrill of firsts—first loves, first kisses, first solo vacations—and the bittersweet triumph of second chances. Tour the Philippines as the stories take you to mountain retreats and island paradises. Let the magic of the hot sun, clear blue skies, and lots of love take you on a roller coaster ride of feels. With stories ranging from sweet to sexy, there's sure to be something for any fan of romance. 


Miles Tan likes inhabiting imaginary worlds, from fantasy books to sci-fi shows to cheeky mysteries to role-playing games. She works with websites, plays with graphics, and is now currently painting with words. 

Finding X is her first published novella. Her short story, Something Real, is included in the YA Luna East anthology, Kids These Days.

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