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BREAK-UP ANNIVERSARY - Dawn Lanuza {Filipino Friday Review}

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Break-Up Anniversary
- Dawn Lanuza

TITLEBreak-Up Anniversary
AUTHOR/s: Dawn Lanuza
PUBLICATION DATE8th of April, 2016

*this is actually a late-post. I've written this review a day before we came back from the Holy Week break but I was easily swept in with class activities and I never really got the chance to post it in between tours and reviews. But here it is now! :) *

April 18, 2017

So last day of the Holy Week break and I did not do anything quite productive over the vacation. What I did though, is to make my heart so happy before returning back to reality which I can already foresee as something full of stress – last two weeks of undergraduate school yaaas! 

How did I make my heart happy, you ask? Well I got caught up with my series (iZOMBiE’s back, you guys! And I finally got to see the Supergirl x The Flash episodes I’ve missed, aaaand finally went through Netflix's 13 Reasons Why. I’ll get back to you on that one though, still reeling from it) Also, got to catch up with a couple of reads (yay!)

Anyway, instead of readying my stuff for the coming week, I lie in bed procrastinating and scrolling through my files (do not do this kids. Procrastinating is not good for you) As I go through some of my books, I saw Dawn Lanuza’s Break-Up Anniversary sitting there, waiting to be read. I remember getting a copy of it through instafreebie (yay thanks Miss Dawn) and getting quite excited because the plot was actually intriguing but I never really quite got into it.

A while ago, though, I impulsively opened it and read the first few pages. Before I knew it, I’m through! It was actually a very short read but a good one, I can say! Should’ve read it sooner lol Here are some of my thoughts!

It’s Beck’s break-up anniversary! Not that she’s been counting the days but there’s a possibility of a relapse. So what’s a girl to do? Call her best friend and tag her cubicle-mate turned drinking buddy, Jamie, along for the ride. 

I have this inclination towards anthologies and short stories especially because of my busy schedule. Lately, I find it difficult to commit to full-length novels but can’t get through the stress of real life without getting lost within pages of fiction. However, it’s hard to get shorts that are actually well-written. Thankfully, #romanceclass is always there to the rescue! With the continuous publication of their anthologies and the occasional short stories here and there, I get by. Dawn Lanuza’s Break-Up Anniversary is one of them.

What I liked the most is its steady pace. Even from the beginning, I already got the general idea of what was happening. I didn’t need much world building or relationship setting to understand who was who or what’s going on. The characters and the conflict was well established without going overboard.

Moving on to the characters, they felt very real. Like the kind of people you’d stand behind the line for coffee, or those you’ll see in bars getting drinks and all. Still, despite this, they have this special kick that makes them actually distinguishable and stand out. 

Beck’s situation made a good starting point. I can see myself being like her haha! Not hoping for a future break-up but even now, I notice similarities between us (well, like most girls I know too). The overthinking when sending messages, the constant checking and impatiently waiting for replies, and of course, remembering stuff from the littlest of things.

These little things were also fun to read about. The inclusion of the band was a great touch (considering that it was the prompt of the story, I think) plus, including a married girl bestie also worked! I think it’s my first time reading about this type of friendship. I loved Megan! She was effortlessly funny especially when she and Jamie met HAHAHA! Speaking of, the work relationship between Beck and Jamie are #goals. I haven’t officially worked yet and I only got to experience that set up through my internship but if ever I do get an office job in the future, I definitely would want to be friends with my cubicle-mate (plus points if they’re Jaime-esque haha!) 

Going back to Jaimie, I really liked his character! I visualized him as this preppy guy-next-cubicle type who wears nerdy glasses and well-pressed attires but who can also pull off a casual night-at-a-bar get-up. (He’s the type I’d definitely take over Nat’s grunge anytime.) Despite being simple friends with Beck, I liked how he was there for her without being too melodramatic but still sweet. Their conversations were definitely casual but at the same time, definitely shouting “something’s happening in here people!” In fact, the relationship between the two is what drew me in. They’re just so adorable together! And I really loved the last few chapters with their Japan-plans and listening to the band’s songs over the phone – CUTE AHH! 

However, that’s also what held me back from giving full 5 rating. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT, IT CANNOT END UP LIKE THAT *CRIES* SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS! Like how did Beck and Nat actually break up? Did Nat ever reply again? In fact, did he even reappear again in Beck’s life? And what about Beck and Jamie’s Japan trip? Will they push through? And of course the million pesos question – do they even end up together or would Beck get back with Nat

Would it be too much to ask for a full-length book, Miss Dawn? Possibly Nat making a comeback? Pretty please? Definitely would READ that in an instant lol

Actually, if I were to be completely honest, I weirdly felt like it would end up like this even before I stated reading. I thought, “why? Does a girl always have to have a guy in every story? Maybe this is a story where the girl just simply learns how to move on and enjoy being single for a while.” But after getting to know Beck and Jaime, I cannot take being right. Hu hu hu :'( Still, it was a great read overall and definitely recommending it to you people! 

"It’s not about that, Beck. It’s more like…the acceptance that you’re no longer that person for him, as much as he’s no longer that person for you" - Megan

"Don’t spend your time on someone who makes you wait." - Jaimie

“It was like painting over a wall with a new shade.” - Beck

I haven’t been in a relationship before so I can’t say I totally understand but I guess if I do have a break-up in the future, I think I’m the kind of girl who’ll have a Break-up Anniversary too. Just a feeling haha! 

All in all, I really think that Break-Up Anniversary is actually a great read – albeit a short one. It was simply written but with an engaging way of telling its story that felt very natural; the characters felt natural and real. The smooth flowing dialogue and the character gestures were very Dawn Lanuza writing. If you enjoyed her other works, you’d definitely love this one too!

But really, I need to know more. Seriously huhu :(

Four point five out of five rating for Dawn Lanuza's Break-Up Anniversary

4.5 rating! :)

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