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THE RIGHT WRONG NUMBER - Barbara Delinsky {Review}

TITLE: The Right Wrong Number
AUTHOR/s: Barbara Delinsky

PUBLICATION DATE: 2nd of April, 2013
AVAILABLE AT: AMAZON (Get it while it's free!)

Months ago, I saw someone live tweet while she was reading Barbara Delinsky's The Right Wrong Number and I found myself heavily curious (Thank you Miss Dawn Lanuza!) So, a few clicks later, the short story ended up downloading in my kindle.

However, because *life* happened, I wasn't able to go through it until recently. Rant Thoughts ahead! :)

Carly Kelly has just been presented with a life-changing business opportunity for tiny nursery and flower store, Plant People. But she only has four days to decide, which means she will most likely have to cancel her weekend trip away. She dials her friends to let them know, and excitedly launches into a speech about the opportunity. But when she pauses, a sexy, inquisitive stranger is on the other end, and he’s eager to hear about her store, her passions and her life. She’s dialed the wrong number--- and the man on the other end, with his deep voice, his charming jokes and his excellent advice, is a surprise she never expected…

Will this wrong number turn out to be right man for Carly?

First of all, can I just say how short this one was? I get it that it's a "short story" but...when I reached the last page and saw that the next one was a preview of her book, I was like "what?" I wanted more *cries*

Anyway, that being said, the story was actually a fun, decent read. We get a glimpse of Carly - a flower store owner - and her life in the midst of a possible big change. Ooh exciting. However, the problem I got with it is that this "conflict" that the lead character is facing doesn't really contribute much to the plot. I mean, take away Carly's problem and change it to something trivial like hitting up a friend to ask advice for what dress to wear or where to grab dinner and the direction of the story could still possibly fall into place. I just wish that it either (1) did not take up so much pages if it isn't going to have a large impact in the conclusion or (2) interlinked with the romance department (which I think is the primary focus of the story)

Speaking of the romance aspect, I could say that the idea was actually cute. It reminded me so much of Jennifer E. Smith's This is What Happy Looks Like. However, the difference is that the characters here are actually borderline creepy and stalkerish. I know that weird, itching feeling like when you want something that seems to slip through your fingers (or sometimes the tip of your tongue) and you know that you wouldn't be at peace until you find it (or remember that one word you've been trying to remember). But the amount of effort that both the female lead and the love interest had exerted just to find someone whom they shared, what?twenty? thirty minutes of over-the-phone conversation?, is slightly unbelievable. 

But just when you think things are probably going logical, the ending happens right in front of your eyes: <spoiler> The lead guy finally succeeds in getting in touch with the lead girl after some series of stalking researching AND he also goes to where she lives AND asks her out for dinner right then and there AND of course, she says yes. </spoiler> I think the saying "don't talk to strangers" should be elaborated for these people.

To be honest, as I reach this part of my review, I can't remember what I really liked about this short (though it probably had something to do with the pretty cover and the male lead *minus the creepy stalking skillz*) I had lots of issues with it, yes, but I can't really say that I did not like it at all. Maybe this is an example of a gray situation in which you don't really like something but you don't dislike it either. Some kind of an in-between, probably. Do I even make sense?

Well in general, I believe that the story is really promising if ever the author decides to make it a full length novel. And surprisingly, yes, I would actually be glad to read it. I do want to know what happens next. What will happen to Carly's shop? About the contracts? How did their date go? Is Charlie the guy we (readers and Carly) think he is? Or is he a serial murderer or something? Geez, so many questions! I am usually a fan of cliffhangers but this one just leaves me hanging *cries*

“I've tried to be gentle (...) This isn't about commitment. I'm ready to commit. Just not to you.”  -Carly

For something that I got for free, the story isn't that bad after all. Yes I had lots of complaints but to be honest, the story just breezed through me and I didn't actually feel annoyed at what I was reading. I actually enjoyed reading through it although I just found it extremely short and was actually wanting something more. Oh well. Maybe we'll get a full book someday? *fingers crossed*

Three out of Five rating for Barbara Delinsky's The Right Wrong Number!
3/5 Rating! :)

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