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Bookish Babble [1] - Bookish Meet-ups!

Bookish Meet-ups!
(AKA meeting a few people in the bookworms' world!)


So yesterday was a day that most book lovers and bloggers have been looking forward to for weeks: #BookwormsUnitePH! 

On its second year, Bookworms Unite is an event hosted by amazing book bloggers in PH which, hopefully, becomes an annual event! Unfortunately, like last year, I still wasn't able to go because reasons (boohoo).

Fact: I've been blogging for quite some time now, yet, I still haven't been into any "real" bookish event which means so far, I still haven't officially met any friends in the blogosphere nor any of my fave authors (hear my heart break). 

On the brighter side, despite not being able to make it to these said events, the past few weeks have been amazing since I started my internship at Summit Media *yay* I have always dreamed of being in this company and now that I'm here even if it's just for OJT, it still feels surreal especially being surrounded (and interacting!!!) with the great minds behind the amazing stuff I've been reading in magazines (read: Candy, Cosmopolitan, K-zone, Total Girl, Yummy, etc.) and books (Summit Books,, etc.). 

However, I never really thought that I'll be meeting people from the bookish community here at Summit aside from Editors-in-chief, publishers, and writers whom I admire.

Want to find out who they are? Read on!

June 29, 2016

The latest "bookish meet-up" I had was with Ate Jesselle from The Lifelong Bookworm! I was a couple of weeks in Summit when I learned that she has just recently moved in at the company too! It probably isn't as "big" or "grand" as a book-signing (geez, it isn't even at a proper bookish event haha!) but since I have zero face-to-face blogger interactions, I was really, really thrilled to finally meet IRL someone who I just know around the blogsphere - especially someone whom I adore simply by reading her blog :) Tbh, I still get excited seeing her around the office haha! She's really friendly (and pretty!) and I'm glad that she didn't seem weirded out by how happy I am to meet her lol :) 

It was so nice to meet you, Ate Jesselle! See you around hihi :3

Visit her blog at The Lifelong Bookworm and follow her on twitter @jessellev! :)


June 27, 2016
Ines Bautista-Yao
Shameless selfie with Ms. Ines Bautista-Yao!

This one is more of a "legit" bookish event. A few days before this, I learned that my supervisor (hi Miss Jen! *waves*) knows Miss Ines Bautista-Yao personally. Casually, I mentioned how much I love her works (because I do, really!) A couple of days later, she surprised me by saying that Miss Ines would be doing a radio guesting at Magic 89.9 to promote her latest output - Coming of Age - and that the two of us from the Media Rel team are coming. I was beyond thrilled especially because I thought I've already lost my chance of seeing her in person since she already had a guesting before!

I was really counting down the days and when it finally came, I cannot contain my excitement (my tweets could attest to this.) Upon seeing Miss Ines, I was out of words. My fave Filipina author in the flesh. OMG. And when my supervisor introduced me, Miss Ines hugged me and said that she remembers me from twitter! I was so happy :D

We even managed to chat for a few minutes before she and Sir Quark (a director/writer who worked with her on the book) went on air. We mostly talked about how I love her books and about her future works. She even showed me her WIP on her kindle! All of these while I tried to keep my fangirling in check (note: I failed and kept on being flushed with happiness hahaha!)

Their guesting was short but fun. Before I knew it, it was time to leave. I was a bit sad but mostly really grateful for the chance :) Upon reaching the office and then back home, Miss Ines and I were already tweeting each other (!!!) Then just before the day ended, she surprised me with an Instagram post!

I was so happy! My heart was also bursting   I also finally had the emotional stability to check out her dedications to my copies of her books that I managed to get signed that day:

This is how much I love her books :)

"Dear Ailla,

Always keep your eyes on the prize!

♥ Ines"

- Her message in One Crazy Summer :)

"Dear Ailla,

Hope you follow your heart in all things!

♥ Ines"

- Her message in What's In Your Heart:)

"Dear Ailla,

Thank you so much for all the love! Here's to even more feels!

♥ Ines"

- Her message in Only A Kiss :)

I'm really glad that my first ever "author-meet" was with one of my most favorite authors! She was really, really nice and kind and pretty (*ahem* one of the big bosses at Summit actually said that we look like mother-daughter haha!) Looking forward to seeing you again, Miss Ines! :)

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @inesbyao and like her Facebook page here! She also blogs at The Everyday Project :)

AND don't forget to grab your copy of Coming of Age available in newsstands nationwide :D

Since I'm already at Summit, one more bookish goal I have before my internship ends is to finally meet Miss Marla Miniano - another favorite local author - and have my book signed if possible haha :)  I was 10 days into work when I first saw her around the office and I literally froze while thinking "That was Miss Marla. That WAS Miss Marla!" Soon, Ailla, soon :)

Also, hopefully next year I can finally, FINALLY join Bookworms Unite! *fingers crossed* besides, third time's the charm, right?

How about you guys? What's your most memorable author-meet? Any online friends you wanna meet in person? Do comment below! :) 

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