Friday, March 4, 2016

On the grill! [2] - Dream Literary Collection

Dream Literary Collection


Imagine that I won the lottery but the only things I could spend on are books. I wonder what I would buy with all of those? Probably shop on bookstores and buy everything I want!

Months ago, Ryan from contacted me and asked if I wanted to be part of a little project that their team is working on - and I said yes!

Just backtracking a bit, is a basically a haven for collectors all over the globe. From jewelry, clocks, antiques to even first edition and signed copies of books for sale! Upon going through their website, I discovered other collectibles and knick-knacks that I'm sure most of you guys would fancy. Considering how much of a packrat/hoarder/collector I am, I did actually enjoy sifting through their website.
Going back, Ryan asked me and other bloggers around the blogsphere to come up with our own dream literary collection. As a big fan of these beauties, I found it hard to decide which ones to include (because books are BOOKS! You'd want to have 'em all!) but as went through my shelf (and Goodreads Account) I realized which ones I definitely must-have in my collection and I'm really glad to be able to share what they are to all of you (and just in case some generous people out there would want to 'gift' them *ahem*) :)

This one's pretty obvious. Every Harry Potter fan dreams of having the whole collection right in their bookshelf - even I! The magical world of Harry Potter, all compiled in seven hardbound book placed inside a trunk (A TRUNK!) and inclusive of fun stickers! What more could I possibly ask for, really? (well, plus points if they're signed ;) )
For quite some time now, I've been seeing this around local bookstores in the Philippines but I can only look at it longingly while I still save up enough galleons money to finally buy this beauty! Soon, my dear. Soon.

Aside from being a big Potterhead, I'm also a demigod at heart thanks to our lessons on Greek and Roman mythology back in high school and of course, to Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians! Not-so-recently, a set edition of the books have been released and I immediately wanted to have my own copy. They're just really beautiful! Together, the spines and covers create an image that is just pure amazingness. What more could I say? Awesomesauce.


It's always hard to answer when people ask you to choose a favorite book but if it's like, a matter of life and death, I'd probably choose Eleanor & Park. I love it so much that I refuse to let go of my extra copy even though I could just easily sell or give it away so YES, I now have 2 exactly similar copies of this book #NoRegrets.

But that doesn't mean there's no more room in my shelf for another one! I've always wanted the B&N Exclusive Edition of Eleanor & Park especially because it has a BLUE COVER *hearts* And if that's not enough reason, it also includes some of my favorite E&P fanarts *double hearts!*

(and when Rainbow Rowell comes here in PH, I'll definitely be bringing all of my 3 copies to her signing LOL)


News flash: I have a thing for poetry.

Even before I discovered Lang Leav's works, I'm already a fan of poems. However, learning about her and her poetry made me love the genre more which is why I just *need* to include her books in my wishlist. I'm not completely sure yet if they're available as a set but I definitely want to have all of her three books (as of today) - Love and Misadventures, Lullabies, and Memories.

Hopefully she comes by the Philippines again once I finally have these beauties in my possession! Would love to have her sign them :D

#5 SHERLOCK: CHRONICLES (by Steve Tribe)

And last but not the least, my own copy of Sherlock: Chronicles. As a biiiiig fan of the series (both canon and BBC's), this is definitely a must-have. Photos, behind-the-scenes, and more Benedict Cumberbatch awesomeness in a book? NEEEEED! Plus points if they're signed by the cast and crew!

These are just very few of my top faves. I seriously have a loooooong wishlist that would probably take me ages to write down and explain (but do check out my GR shelf to find some more of them HERE) If you guys don't know what to get me for my birthday or if you're just feeling extra generous, you know where to look *wink*

I just realized that most of them come in sets haha! Because really, if you're already getting one, why not get the whole deal? Hopefully, soon I'll be able to finally have these treasures in my bookshelf. Just have a little faith ( and lots of patience!)

Speaking of, I would like to thank Ryan again for inviting me to do this post and for being so patient. I really had fun imagining for a while that these are really part of my collection :) I know it's loooong overdue but here it is now! Hope you had fun reading as much as I did working on it :)

How about you guys? If given the chance to buy any book/s that you like, what would you get? I'd love to hear from you! Do comment below :)


  1. I HAVE THE SAME DREAM LIT COLLECTION!! <333 Love love love this post! <33

    1. Jasmine!! Why did I just see this now? Thanks for dropping by! And yes, those treasures are definitely worth the hearts <3 <3 <3


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