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HALFWAY THERE - Nikki Godwin {Review}

TITLE: Halfway There (Falling From the Sky# 1.5)
AUTHOR/s: Nikki Godwin
PUBLICATION DATE: 25th of March, 2016
AVAILABLE AT: Smashwords Amazon
I initially planned to post this review during the release date of this short story (after receiving an advanced copy from the awesome Nikki Godwin herself! *squeee*) However, life happened and I failed to do so. Nonetheless, it's better late than never eh? :)

Last month, I joined the big reveal for the cover of the Bear Creek series' book 2 - Crash Landing. You can check it out over HERE! Aside from that reveal, it seemed like Nikki had another little something for us fans to get us through the wait for the next book. I was excited to read more of Ridge and Micah

Halfway There takes place after the events of the 1st book, Falling From The Sky (which I reviewed HERE!) and before the next one which will be published hopefully soon! Here are some of my thoughts :)

Ridge McCoy can count on one hand how many times he's seen his boyfriend Micah since summer ended five months ago. Determined to get some quality time in before his last semester of high school resumes, Ridge heads back to Bear Creek for a few days during holiday break.

But a few quiet days in Bear Creek is the last thing Micah has planned for them. With the new year approaching and Ridge planning to return to Bear Creek for good, Micah wants to seal the deal to make sure their summer is everything he hopes it'll be.

When I first heard of the short story for the Bear Creek Series, I was stoked! I've already been hearing about Falling From The Sky having a sequel and I even participated in a cover reveal last month but I was completely surprised to learn of this short story! Upon receiving an advanced copy of this one, I eagerly went through the pages even though it was 3 in the morning hahaha! I can say that I have no regrets ;)

The story takes place months after the events in book 1 and gave us a glimpse on how Ridge and Micah handled their relationship from there. It was a little bit sad that they rarely saw each other (and the fact that Ridge still haven't fully revealed himself to the people in his life at Markham.  I couldn't blame him, though. I understand how difficult and scary it could be. I may not have went through the same thing but I have LOTS of friends who did.) I hope this gets tackled on the next book *fingers crossed*

Anyway, the short story is simply a sweet read that I greatly enjoyed! It had lots of cutesy scenes between the two and it was fun seeing a new side of Micah who's usually the ball of energy but turns out to be a bit scaredy-cat too. However, the story still showcased how his heart is soft. I liked Micah and Ridge's date and the part when Micah wore Ridge's sweater! I always found scenes like that cute :3 

Another thing I liked is the mini-crossover that occurred. I haven't read Nikki's other LGBT-themed book, Breaking Saint Jude yet but I'm planning to soon especially now that I've been given a small preview/hint on what it's gonna be like :)

Lastly, THAT ending!!! <3 <3 <3 

I can now say that Nikki Godwin really knows how to give a splashing ending* to her works! That last scene was all kinds of adorable! Ahhh so much hearts! Perfect!

*a splashing ending AND gorgeous covers, if I may say ;) love love LOVE Halfway There's cover! (although Falling From The Sky's cover is still my favorite haha!)

"It's sort of haunting, like he's a tragically beautiful painting, and I could stare at him forever." -Ridge

"'What would cheer you up?' I ask him, willing to sell my soul to the animal gods to make him smile again." -Ridge 

"No matter where we go in the future, we're totally putting everything under his name." -Ridge

"This is the year that my future with Micah begins. And we're already halfway there." -Ridge

If you still don't get how much I adored this short story, then I don't know what else can I say.  It allowed us to get a peek on other sides of the characters and how they dealt with things after Falling From The Sky. I found it reaaaaally cute and fluffy and sweet and all I know is that Halfway There provided us fans something to get us "halfway through" the wait for the next book! So excited for Crash Landing!!!

5 out of 5 rating for Nikki Godwin's Halfway There! :)

5/5 Rating! :)

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