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ALL THAT GLITTERS - Ines Bautista Yao {Filipino Friday Review}

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All That Glitters
- Ines Bautista-Yao

TITLEAll That Glitters
AUTHOR/s: Ines Bautista Yao
AVAILABLE AT:  PRINT COPIES (from the author)
Happy e-book birthday All that Glitters! In celebration of it, I want to share my thoughts with you guys (even though I've first read it in a physical copy - available with other Sparks Book on bookstores nationwide!) 

When they have nothing better to do, college students Billie Santiago and Carlos Angeles enjoy imagining what their lives will be like five years into the future. It’s never serious—just a whole lot of teasing and poking fun at each other. Until blindingly handsome, PR professional Iñigo Antonio saunters into the university bookstore where Billie works. All of a sudden, she finds herself face to face with the physical manifestation of the very dream she tells Carlos about.

Captivated by Iñigo’s magnetic personality, Billie is lured into his dazzlingly glamorous world—much to Carlos’s frustration. But as Billie notices Iñigo might not be playing by the rules, Carlos begs her to stay away from him. When Billie doesn’t listen, she realizes too late that she is in over her head and it may take a miracle (or a boy who cares deeply about her) to help get her out of it.

As always, Miss Ines never fails to come up with such beautifully written characters. Their voices seemed real for me that it wasn’t hard to get into their world. First of is our MC, Billie who is in all levels relatable especially for me! I understand the struggle of working while studying and that unconscious daydreaming quality. I’m pretty sure that at least once in our life, we’ve put on our Sherlock hats and went on full-on stalking extensive researching mode. Though I guess the biggest quality I share with her is the fact that we’re easily swept off our feet hahaha!

Speaking of, we have here Carlos who’ll easily make you swoon without even much effort. Ugh such adorableness! He’s the type of a best guy friend every girl needs in her life. I love the cutesy banter between him and Billie but I also highly enjoyed reading the parts where you can ~feel~ the tension between the two, only waiting to be released. 

“Let’s go, Belinda Santiago. Just don’t fall in love with me after this.”


And last but definitely not the least is another character you couldn’t help but like – Iñigo. He’s you typical Prince Charming. Literally Billie’s guy-of-my-dreams. As a Communication student who has a PR course, I was giddy to see a book with a PR person. However it showed the behind the scenes of PR – the stuff that happens behind the glamor and all. Personally, PR is interesting for me but as I know in my studies and as I’ve seen in the book, PR has two sides and you have to balance it out. Billie and Iñigo’s working relationship also reminded me of my internship at Summit Media lol the struggle of events and PR-ing is very real (but very fun especially when you get to meet your idols *ahem* hi Miss Ines *ahem*) Lastly, I can’t say much about Iñigo’s character without spoiling too much but what I can say is prepare for all the things he’s got up his sleeves!

At first, it kinda reminded me of One crazy Summer (because two adorable lovable male leads ugh) but when I mentioned it to Miss Ines, she me it’s going in a different path. I NOW GET IT AHH! OMG!

Aside from that, it also reminded me of Tara FrejasWaiting in the Wings. Probably because I’ve just recently read it and because the characters has this certain type: The bestie (Carlos/Ramon), Mr. Perfect (Iñigo/Pio), and the girl who is stuck in between (Billie/Erin). Also, like All that Glitters, Waiting in the Wings also included another field I studied as a communication major – theater!

Another thing I enjoyed is the highlight on friendship. Even though she was late to be introduced, I still liked reading about Nikka! We all need our bubbly fashionista friend (ahem hello B from One Crazy Summer hahaha) 

Aside from the friendship and romance aspect, All That Glitters also slightly touched the family aspect. I love Billie’s relationship with her twin brothers! (Wish my siblings and I got along that well!) Though I would’ve liked to see it get explored more. This is also the tiny tiny tiny problem I encountered. I really liked the latter chapters when Billie was faced with an ultimatum because it really did feel inescapable especially with stakes that high. I actually visualized this and the succeeding chapters in my head like a telenovela unfolding haha! However, <spoiler> when Iñigo was telling Billie about ruining an important person in her life, I thought that the threat may seem more logical if he had threatened Billie’s family first. I get it that Carlos is obviously important to her too but, I don’t know. If I were to pull that stunt, my first option will be to target the family. (am I evil? Hahaha) </spoiler>

I can’t say anything else to emphasize how much I enjoyed reading it. Actually, it can be finished in one sitting but I refused to do so because I wanted to prolong the reading experience hahaha! I highly enjoyed this one because of how I can relate to it especially career-wise. I’ll be graduating soon and I still have a lot of choices in what field I might take in. All That Glitters actually gave me a lot of ideas: If I pursue the PR industry, I’ll make sure to take note of the characters’ decisions and mistake so that it could guide me along the way; I can also continue with journalism – and put up stories that only serves the public truth without biases and without being bribed – just like how Christine did it. Also, I can go up the next level and take up law or something related to actively serve the Filipino people – like Hal and his wife. They truly are inspiring! I’m actually encourage to start doing volunteer work!

It was a short read but it definitely is memorable! This definitely goes up on my favorite Ines Yao reads (One Crazy Summer will forever be number 1, though!) Oh and yay that I finally got all the tarsier references that I’ve been seeing around hahaha!

"...she would say he was a kindred spirit. As if their souls had already known each other prior to entering their bodies and immediately grabbed hold when they found each other again (...)"

“It was so much fun being Carlos's friend, why rock the boat?"

"She cared what Carlos thought, but not this much. Never this much."

"With his arms wrapped tightly around her, she felt as if everything was all right again."

"It was hard to admit, but there it was. The truth in her heart, the ache in her gut."

"Now, I'm not content. I want more than this with you. So much more than this But I... I know you don't." - Carlos

"...her heart feeling like a battle had been waged inside it with no victors, only losers."

All That Glitters is a highly enjoyable read by itself but I liked it even more because of how much I can relate and understand firsthand what was really going on (Communication majors represent!) 

Initially, I thought it would be a little ~adult~ since most of the books in this batch of Spark Books are, and I felt a little hesitant at first. Still, I trust Miss Ines to always execute her scenes tastefully so I read it anyway and I’m really glad I did! All That Glitters exceeded my expectations and reminded me of all the kilig and swoon and feels that I never fail to feel when reading her writing :)

What more could I say? Go read this one now!

Five out of five rating for Ines Bautista Yao's All That Glitters

5/5 Rating! :)

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