Tuesday, March 28, 2017

On the Grill! [3] - Perfect Night-In Starter Pack?

Perfect Night-In
Starter Pack?


I personally consider myself as someone who greatly enjoys the company of others. Maybe not in the party and bar scene but staying up late for hours and hours just to catch up with friends is not a new thing to me. In fact, I actually look forward to those kind of talks especially when it feels like the whole world is quiet except for me and my peers.

However, like most ambiverted bookworms out there, I still appreciate an ol' comfy me-time. Sometimes, we just need to de-stress and recharge our social batteries and simply be left on our own. Of course, this doesn't mean that we like being lonely. It's just that sometimes, we feel the need to really breathe and do things that makes us happy... alone.

That's why when Leesa's Mattresses reached out to me a while back and asked what are my perfect essentials for a night in, I had to say yes (despite my super busy sched) because it's something I want to share with you guys! So without any more delay, here's my top Ailla-time companions!

Essential #1: A blanket and a pillow fort!

The most basic must-have during night-ins is a place to stay comfy! And is there anywhere else more comfortable than our own beds? 

That's why to start my me-time, I make sure to have my ultra-fluffy pillows for my own pillow fort and a snuggly blanket to keep me toasty and warm. Recently, I made my mermaid wishes come true by buying my own Fleece Mermaid Blanket from Sirène! Best decision ever!

Essential #2: Iced coffee or iced tea!

When you're already settled in your Palace of Comfort, it can get annoying to venture out into the far grounds (AKA the kitchen) to get some refreshments. So better be prepared with your favorite drink ahead of time! 

I'm complete in love with iced coffee and iced tea. Others may prefer theirs hot especially during chilly nights but I personally like* mine cold - regardless of the weather haha! But the choice is definitely up to you as long as it can keep you hydrated during your ~adventure~ !

*I also like placing mine in cute mason jars just because!

Essential #3: Laptop!

On regular days, my trusty laptop is my best friend (because ACADS) but during these times, it's still here for me! 

When I'm not using it to type up my papers and reports, it's also one of my go-to gadgets to read my faves (thanks Kindle for PC!), to catch up with my series or pore over latest books-to-movies lists! Everything I want, all rolled into one!

Essential #4: Books!

And last but definitely not the least, the best companions of all: books! No better way to spend a night-in than to be transported to a new world between pages :)

Digital books may be available but these physical beauties will never fail to provide a little something extra during your stay in. You may not be catching up with your friends or partying with your peers but reading will always make you feel at home *hearts*

*special thanks to my sister, Airelle for agreeing to ~model~ for me!
So those are my top essentials for a perfect night-in! Because of university-duties, these nights are rare to come by but whenever I have the chance, I make sure to go all the way and make the most out of it!

I know everyone has a different style and technique in maximizing their free times so how about you guys? Any tips and basic necessities for a comfy stay-in night? Do you like to chill with the right music mood or like me, you'd rather read in peace and quiet? Do comment below! I would love to hear from you :)

If you do want to have a peek on how to make your stay-in extra comfy, be sure to check out this list of the best mattresses that you can find online. Surely you'll find something that can give you the comfort that you deserve! Hearts!

*The post is not, in anyway, sponsored by Leesa's mattress. I have not received any monetary or in kind compensation in exchange for the write-up. Everything found here is purely on me and my thoughts alone :)

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