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SOMEDAY WITH YOU AND OTHER STORIES - Ines Bautista Yao {Filipino Friday Review}

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Someday With You 
and Other Stories
- Ines Bautista Yao

TITLE: Someday With You and Other Stories
AUTHOR/s: Ines Bautista Yao
PUBLICATION DATE: 22nd of October, 2016
AVAILABLE AT:  PRINT COPIES (from the author)
+ Ebook version will be up on Amazon by February 1st!
Back at it again with #FilipinoFriday and my never ending love for anthologies! Recently, last December to be exact, I rekindled my passion for binge-ing on compilations. It did not only cure my reading slump but also, reminded me how much I enjoy reading short stories.

That is why when Miss Ines Bautista Yao (AKA my fave PH author ever) proposed having a street team for her anthology Someday With You and Other Stories, I did not hesitate to say yes! Aside from simply being in love with her writing, I am actually excited to see more of her short stories since Plain Vanilla (which I've heard would be available in paperback soon eep!) 

For now, here are some of my thoughts and feelings for Someday With You, One Last Thing, and Things I'll Never Say!

A broken heart doesn't mean the end of the world. In this short story compilation, Patrick, Toby and Andrew still continue to hope for and dream of their own happy ever after,

Someday With You

Five years ago, when they were teenagers in college, they'd made a pact to come back to this same spot, no matter where they were in the world, no matter who they had become. But five years wasn't enough to erase the heartache Patrick felt when Andrea disappeared from his life, when he thought he'd lost her for good. And now that the time has come, he can't keep the feelings from rushing back to the surface, possibly messing up his life once more.

One Last Thing

All Toby wants is to keep Angela from falling in love with someone else. That isn't too much to ask considering he's already won her over and she's finally convinced he isn't just another spoiled, rich boy. But when his buddy Jake enters the picture, Angela seems to be slipping away. Toby has to make the hardest decision of his life and that might even mean letting go.

Things I'll Never Say

Andrew, Penny and Raffy aren't what you call regular teenagers. They're hugely popular models of hot, teen clothing brand Pineapple Slice. Though all three have become celebrities in their own right. Fans passionately ship Penny and Raffy (with a hashtag to match). What nobody knows is that Andrew has been in love with Penny ever since he heard her laugh at one of his lame jokes. So when she tells him she wants out of their charmed existence, he starts to panic. But he also wonders if this is his chance to claim the happy ending he'a always hoped for.

Someday With You - 4.5 out of 5

For those who don't know yet, I have this big ~thing~ for the friends to lovers trope. It's the type that I know I'll end up liking without having to read it yet haha!

But contrary to the usual fluffy stuff I read about, Someday With You actually felt refreshing with its deep, nostalgic, and heart-tugging events. It has some sort of a bittersweet tone for me especially because it dealt with a thing I've rarely read about but usually see in real life: the "paasa" (leading on) topic.

I know how it really is difficult to decode distinguish the border between being friendly to someone and leading him/her on to thinking that romance may be possible. Sometimes, maybe we unconsciously do things that others misinterpret as leading on, when for us, it's simply being nice and polite. 

However, in Patrick and Andrea's scenario, the blurred lines are pretty obvious and although I can't say that I agree with all of their decisions (especially Andrea's,) I do feel their realness. It's probably what most people I know in real life would do if they were in the characters shoes. 

The story reminded me a bit of (500) Days of Summer haha! But in real seriousness, Someday With You made me more conscious and made me think of how my actions may be interpreted by other people. 

One Last Thing - 4 out of 5

The thing I liked the most in One Last Thing is its ~unique~ aspect which I won't spoil (because it's up to you guys to know!) I can't talk much about it but I can say that it's not just what it seems to be basing on the blurb.

Anyway, although I rated it the lowest among the three, it doesn't mean that I didn't love it because I did! It dealt with pretty heavy emotions from all the characters present - emotions that will definitely tug at your heartstrings.

The characters had a certain shine in them that made them stand out more when placed in their own gloomy situations. I didn't really like Toby at first but eventually, I warmed up to him. Yay for character development! Surprisingly, the character I enjoyed reading about the most was Jake. Just.... feelings *cries* If it was hard for Toby, it must have been difficult for Jake too. How is he supposed to know how broad the scope of bro codes are? 

One Last Thing told a story of loss, holding on, letting go and all the grief and relief in between. The ending is hopeful...somewhat haha! But I guess that's the best thing that could actually happen and I personally think that they all deserve it :)

PS. Love Sacha! Really would love to see more of her backstory (I initially thought she was the little Angela lol)

Things I'll Never say - 5 out of 5

This one's my favorite! I really like reading about characters working behind the scenes because aside from giving me an idea on what I may do in the future (being in the Communication Arts field), it also shows others how hard it is working in the media haha! In this case, people get a reality check about the love teams that they see on television and movies.

Anyway, another one of the reasons why I adore this story very much is because out of all the guys, I like Andrew the best. His character is the type of LI I usually pine for hahaha! His awkward self is fun to read about lol

Aside from Andrew, I actually enjoyed reading about Penny too. I think she proves that you really have to be careful what you wish for. While some girls want to be under the limelight, some celebs actually do want to live their own lives once in a while too. I'm really glad that she has enough heart and courage to pursue what she really wants - both career-wise and matters of the heart *wink*

I'm wondering what will happen to Zoya and Raffy though. Is a #ZoRa thing possible? hahaha! 

Also, I love debuts and Penny's 18th birthday is like... #goals! Speaking of, Things I'll Never Say is actually part of another anthology edited by Miss Ines entitled Coming of Age which I mentioned in a mini book haul from before (and which I am still yet to read hopefully soon! It's been stuck on my TBR for a while huhu)

I think out of the three, Things I'll Never Say is the most Ines Bautista Yao-esque because it has the perfect combination of humor, feels, and swoon! :)

Overall, I love the fact that I got to see it in another perspective. I have read only a little of romance with the male POV and I'm really interested to see things from their side. Also, I really enjoyed how different each story is from one another and it continued to surprise me as I go from one story to the next.

A slight pattern I noticed though, is that throughout the whole collection, the stories always included a hint of "unrequited" love for a friend and some sort of a third party. Not completely sure if it's intentional but I love the nice little touches! :) 

"All he knew was he couldn't get enough of her (...) making him feel that dreams can come true. Even dreams you don't allow yourself to have." - (Someday With You)

“His heart leapt. She was so beautiful. The kind of beautiful that wasn't aware of it. The kind that made his heart ache with longing.” - (One Last Thing)

"Don't you think it's harder to keep hanging on?” - Sacha (One Last Thing)

"How many times can a heart break before it can't break anymore?" - (One Last Thing)

"You are where you need to be. You meet who you need to meet. That's why everything works out so well in this world." -Sacha (One Last Thing)

"He smiled back, but couldn't help feel his gut sink like a rusty anchor to the bottom of the sea. The sea of uncertainty." - (One Last Thing)

"The only thing I've ever been sure of is you." - Andrew (Things I'll Never Say)

As always, Miss Ines has once again showcased her skill of giving so much feels! The stories may have been short but it's definitely worth reading especially for people out there who enjoys beating their hearts with doses of deep hugot lines and seeing various types of love unfold. And maybe, it's for the hopeless romantics who are also seeking answers to The Question:

"Why do broken hearts continue to hope?"

Four point five out of five rating for Ines Bautista Yao's Someday With You and Other Stories

4.5 rating! :)
How about you guys? Have you read any works of Miss Ines? (If not, what are you still waiting for?!) Any favorite anthologies to recommend? And really, someone get me the answer for that Question above. Will love to hear your thoughts! 

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