Sunday, April 17, 2016

StrangeLit#4: KILLER SEASONS [Book Tour Stop] {Review}

TITLE: Killer Seasons (StrangeLit Bundle#4)
AUTHOR/s: Maita Rue, Chrissie Peria, C.P. Perez, Lana Garcia, Arlene Manocot,

Amae Dechavez, Den Lim, Roselle De Guzman, Tara Frejas, Japonicus
GENRE: Paranormal, Fantasy

Hooray for the final installment in the #StrangeLit Bundles! I've reviewed the first few bundles in the past and now, here's the finlae to this chilling anthologies! Thanks to the Bookish Diaries Book Tours! Feel free to be part of their team by signing up below (click the logo below!)

#StrangeLit was a writing class held in 2015. For five weeks, participating authors wrote paranormal/fantasy stories, and this ebook bundle is a collection of work produced during the class. Read more #StrangeLit stories in the anthologies FATEFUL TURNS, INCREDIBLE TRUTHS, and DARKEST DREAMS.

Friday, April 15, 2016

THE BYE BYE BOUQUET - Chi Yu Rodriguez {Filipino Friday Review}

#FilipinoFriday [3]
The Bye Bye Bouquet
- Chi Yu Rodriguez
TITLEThe Bye Bye Bouquet
AUTHOR/s: Chi Yu Rodriguez
PUBLICATION DATE14th of February, 2016

Yay for another dose of some Filipino luvin' <3 And for today, we have here on the blog Chi Yu Rodriguez' The Bye Bye Bouquet!

For those who don't know: Most local authors and readers (including myself) have 'pledged' to boost their support of Filipino-authored books this 2016 and thus, the burst of little projects that could help Filipino writers get their works out there (click the Share The Love banner to know more!)

One of them is #FilipinoFriday which I learned from Miss April. The experiment is quite simple: You- yes, you- can have the opportunity to read works of Filipino authors under the romance class catalog ( in exchange of an honest review and a little social media blast. Click the #FilipinoFriday banner to know more!

*Thanks to Miss April (@iambinibini) for providing a review copy! Receiving one did not affect my views on the book.

Friday, April 1, 2016

UNA & MIGUEL - Lilledeshan Bose {Filipino Friday Review}

#FilipinoFriday [2]
Una & Miguel 
- Lilledeshan Bose

TITLEUna & Miguel
AUTHOR/s: Lilledeshan Bose
A couple of months ago, I received an advanced Valentines' Day gift from a friend (shoutout to my fab bookish friend, @WalkinLibrary!) It was a book he's been recommending to me because he knows how much I support locally published works (and he said that the lead character reminds him of me lol) Since it fits the theme of the annual celebration (and it was a gift for that event), I decided to spend Valentines reading this beauty :)

So today, although it seems waaaay overdue, I'm sharing my thoughts about my Feb. 14 read: Lilledeshan Bose's Una & Miguel :)