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So, since I've been (and will be) doing quite a number of reviews, both books and movies, might as well set up a RATING SYSTEM! I know I know, I should have made this sooner but it's never too late, right?

Just a head's up: the ratings I might give here on my blog might be slightly different with the ratings that I give on my goodreads account basically because goodreads doesn't allow .5 ratings (e.g. 3.5, 4.5, etc) which I often give, so don't take that against me, kay? :)


The characters are well portrayed. The plot is enticing. I could not ask for more! Everything is just well balanced and just really. It's the type of books/movies that leaves me speechless; those which makes me say "I just can't even." AKA those which are just too feels-worthy to even fully explain in comprehensible sentences. It's something that I could talk about for hours and wouldn't even get tired. IT GETS ME FANGIRLING.


These are the ones which are alright though they are missing a little bit something. They could also be the ones which contains a little bit of something that I didn't like. It could be in terms of the plot itself, or the conclusion, or anything but surely, the pros overcomes the cons. With that said, it can be concluded that a 4/5 rated book/movie is still superb!


Not really that great but bearable. There are a few not-so-good points but it's evened out by the positive ones. I believe that a 3/5 rating is still a good one but I've definitely seen better (and worse.)

2/5: MEH

Okay. I rarely give a 2/5 rating. It is for those books/movies  that makes me think the whole time "how many pages more?" or "what's happening?" and mostly "Let's just get this done and over with." These are the types that I just read/watch for the sake of reading/watching it. Not remarkable. Maybe it's worthy of a 5/5 rating but just not for me. Not really my taste.

1/5: Did Not Finish (DNF)

I don't like my books/movies unread/unwatched but sometimes you just cannot bear to proceed any further so the only thing to do is to let it fall down the pit of the DNFs. I know I shouldn't rate it because I didn't even finish it but I believe every book/movie, no matter how bad it is, deserves some love so I'll still give it one heart <3

To be completely honest, I'm a generous rater. I don't really scrutinize all the minor problems (but I do take them into consideration). After I finish a book/movie, I already know what to rate it based on its effects on me. Also, I try my best to be non-biased and just be completely honest with my reviews.

*.5 ratings are for those which I feel conflicted. Like it's not good enough for a 4 but did not entirely bore me out to be a 3 so I'll end up giving it a 3.5 :)

So I guess that's all of it. ENJOY READING and do share your reviews with me too. Plus, tell me what you guys think. The comment section is always open ;)


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