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Wow, I'm actually having a tab for Blog features. I feel like I'm really in the blogosphere now! Anyway, here are some stuff that you guys might start to see around Le Bibliophile~. Take note that they would be posted without a regular scheduled date so we can do this at our own preferred time. Wheee! :)

News and updates about things going 'round. Upcoming titles? Debuting Authors? New books-to-movies? Got'cha covered!

Keeping it short: Discussion post about hot issues. Just random opinions about bookish stuff that I want to discuss with you guys. Chuck in your two cents, everyone!

Flash confession: I have a big thing for music. I mean, who doesn't, right? And what's better than throwing together songs and books? On (Sound) track it! , a particular book/scene in a book would be posted along with a song/playlist which seems perfect for the said book/scene. Insta-music video-ish!

What are they reading?

Hosted by Geeky Book Snob, What are they reading? drops by here at Le Bibliophile~ so we can find out what our favorite fictional characters are reading!

Check out some of the posts HERE!

#FilipinoFriday is a tag started by Miss April at her blog which basically aims to support Filipino Authors. Upon asking her about it, I decided to adapt the tag and use it as a feature here! It involves promoting Fil-pubbed books every Friday (by reviews, reveals, features etc.) to boost awareness on the fab works of our local authors. This is also in line with a small project I'm participating in that Miss Mina has started entitled Share the Love. It's the actually the same thing but focuses on Indie Filipino Authors :) Click the banner to learn more!

Bookish Babble

Recaps, opinions, lists, and basically random bookish things I want to babble about. Basically anything under the (bibliophile) sun!

That's it (for now)! Thoughts? Ideas for more memes? Suggestions of posts for these features? Topics? Then shoot me an email at aillashareena.magcamit@yahoo.com :) More contact info at the About Me! tab!

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